Now, you might wonder, "Why would I want to explore alternatives to Zylo? Isn't it already an efficient SaaS procurement solution?" 

While Zylo may appear like the shining beacon of hope for businesses, it, too, has its own shortcomings. Drowning in a sea of integrations, Zylo allows shadowy IT concerns to sneak around, undetected. Although it does its best to detect SaaS activity ad hoc, like a nosy neighbor, it's got no power to prevent it. 

And the cherry on top? 

It can't integrate SaaS purchasing, which leaves you juggling apps and budget just like before. 

So, buckle up, my friends, as we voyage into the exciting realm of 9 best Zylo competitors and alternatives to uncover a brighter future for your SaaS management experience!

Why Look for Zylo Alternatives? 

Given the popularity of SaaS management software, many businesses are looking for quick, simple software solutions that meet requirements for: 

  • Regulatory compliance
  • SaaS utilization tracking 
  • User sentiment tracking 

When comparing different solutions, potential buyers assess competencies in categories such as: 

  • Assessment and contract
  • Integration and installation 
  • Service and support 
  • Specific product capabilities

While Zylo promotes itself as a reliable SaaS Management & Optimization platform, this is not always the case, is it?

Here's why:

  • One of the primary drawbacks of Zylo as a SaaS management software is the significant amount of manual effort required at the onset to ensure that all services are accurately tracked and accounted for.
  • This initial setup can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, particularly for organizations with a vast array of software services to monitor.
  • Additionally, Zylo's integration with Okta can lead to inaccuracies in the user activity tracking. The platform fails to recognize users who sign in outside of the Okta platform, thus potentially skewing usage statistics and leaving key stakeholders with an incomplete understanding of application adoption and utilization rates.

While Zylo offers a robust solution for managing SaaS applications, organizations must be prepared to contend with its limitations and invest in careful setup and ongoing data management to realize its benefits fully.

9 Best Zylo Competitors and Alternatives for 2024

Did you know that businesses believe that 70% of the commercial software they use today is SaaS-based? 

That’s not all.

They further state that by 2025, this figure will have risen to 85%. This demands the use of top-notch products companies can pick and get associated with. 

Therefore, catering to this matter, let’s unravel the 9 Best Zylo competitors and alternatives for 2024 that’ll suggest to you their important features and provide some insight into how they work to help you make the best pick.

1. Spendflo

Best alternative to Zylo for Businesses to Save Big on SaaS Procurement and Double their ROI

Spendflo is an all-in-one SaaS management software that assists customers in discovering, optimizing, and securing applications. Spendflo's data accuracy is the ideal solution for businesses with over 500 employees. But, organizations with fewer than 500 employees might also profit from its benefits. Spendflo assists fast-growing firms in procuring, managing, and saving up to 30% on SaaS expenditure with assured Return.

Spendflo takes a comprehensive approach, allowing every SaaS buyer to submit and renew requests, access all tools, contracts, and security papers, and communicate with vendors on renewals and new procurement.

Spendflo offers a plethora of solutions aimed at streamlining and simplifying SaaS management. Its discovery function assists users in identifying the best applications for their business requirements. It also helps with purchasing and contract management by automating approvals and workflows and giving insight and visualization capabilities 

Its Slack Bot keeps teams up to date on developments, and its Vendor Trust allows clients to trust the vendors they purchase from. Finally, it enables users to track usage and access its Sentiment Hub for even more precise insights into the user experience. 

Spendflo is one of the best SaaS management tools available today, providing a comprehensive range of solutions for optimizing SaaS performance at scale.

Here is what Spendflo's amazing set of capabilities can provide to help businesses expand success on the fly:

Tabby achieves 4x ROI with Spendflo and standardizes SaaS contracts ft. Poomesh Mathew | Spendflo

1. Seamless product discovery

Spendflo is an easy-to-use interface that allows users to find the perfect solution for their business needs rapidly. Spendflo gives each vendor a "trust score" as part of its product discovery. This score is determined by customer reviews, product ratings, active users, and other variables. This score assists users in picking the best vendor for their needs.

2. Assisted purchasing

Spendflo helps in Assisted Purchasing Software by providing an intuitive platform that simplifies the process from start to finish. Spendflo enables users to compare shopping, budgeting, and approval processes. The platform tracks software purchases through real-time alerts and provides access to accurate data for faster decision-making. 

Furthermore, Spendflo streamlines the purchasing process by eliminating manual data entry and automates request, review, and approval processes.

3. Contract administration

As Spendflo organizations rely increasingly on SaaS technologies, managing contracts and vendor relationships becomes even more critical. Spendflo offers a consolidated contract administration application that streamlines contract management, including renewals and cancellations.

4. Workflows for approval

Spendflo features an approval workflow mechanism to ensure that software is appropriately approved. This enables firms to develop approval workflows simply. It also allows users to create particular user roles, with access granted based on their organizational role. This makes managing the approval process easy while keeping control over software acquisitions.

5. Sentiment hub

Sentiment Hub is a sophisticated tool allowing users to examine how customers feel about their software instantly. It assists in measuring customer feedback and public sentiment on software, offering Spendflo customers an advantage when evaluating their vendor's performance. Users can utilize this feature to immediately find areas for improvement and make better selections about the product they buy.

6. Monitor the use

Spendflo gives users valuable knowledge of how their software is being used. This involves using analytics and tracking, which allow customers to track the success of their investments. Customers can use this functionality to make.

Spendflo’s Pricing & Package Features

● Fast-track vendor and security compliance

● Manage SaaS contracts in one place

● Track employee SaaS usage

● Understand employee sentiment

● Streamline SaaS approvals

● Track renewals and shift to mindful procurement

Package Services

● Streamlined approvals via Slack/Teams

● A dedicated customer success manager


Up to 30% of your SaaS expenses

Price: $2,500/m (Billed Annually)

Explore Spendflo at Length!

Rating - 4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️(70 Reviews on G2)

Checkout Customer Case Studies on how Spendflo is helping companies  save thousands on their SaaS Procurement

  1. Learn how Drip Capital achieves 4X ROI & saves 100+ hours in Procurement
  2. How Airmeet achieved 3X faster procurement and SaaS spending optimization.

2. Vendr

Best Zylo alternative for businesses to slow down their SaaS Sprawl, Ideal for big IT companies

Vendr has been a go-to SaaS tool for a lot of businesses. It helps revolutionize how businesses locate, acquire, and manage SaaS. Vendr's SaaS buying platform is the first of its type, offering both a product and a people-powered service to allow the world's fastest-growing firms to purchase software rapidly and with assured savings.


1. Infrastructure administration

Allows administrators to manage the allocation of hardware and software resources.

2. Threat notification

Detects and notifies administrators of dangers, concerns, incidents, and requests involving SaaS applications.

3. Policy enforceability

Enables administrators to define security and data governance policies.

4. Data management

Controls sensitive user data administratively.

5. Compliance by the Government and industry

Assists businesses in meeting their industry-specific compliance requirements for data management and privacy standards.

Explore more on Vendr vs Spendflo here.


Vendr offers three pricing editions ranging from $36,000 to $120,000. Their starter pack starts from $36,000, and their enterprise pricing is $120,000. 

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3. Sastrify

Best Zylo alternative for Startups and Medium scale Tech Companies

Sastrify is a top SaaS Spend Management and Procurement Software provider. Sastrify has teamed with companies such as Gorillas and Mollie to optimize their SaaS spend. They locate, manage, and negotiate the best market prices for your SaaS licenses, saving you 30% or more on your SaaS Stack. Sastrify makes it simple to find, negotiate, and manage all of your SaaS subscriptions in one spot.


1. Bulk modifications

Modify policies and configurations across many SaaS applications.

2. Automation

Repetitive processes associated with SaaS operations and maintenance can be automated.

3. Administration panel

Offers administration tools/console for routine maintenance chores that are simple to use and learn.

4. Controls of access

Allows administrators to govern SaaS-related privileges and access.

5. Policy enforceability

Enables administrators to define security and data governance policies.


Sastrify offers three pricing options. It starts from €2,490.00 and goes up to €5,490.00 under their professional category. 

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4. Tropic

Perfect solution for Fintech Businesses

Tropic is a full-service procurement-as-a-service solution that optimizes every dollar of your software spending.

The software platform enables simplified spend management and automatic procurement procedures across all of your spend. You can utilize the Assisted Buying service to outsource SaaS contract sourcing and renewals to Tropic completely.

Explore more on Tropic vs Spendflo here.


a. Infrastructure administration

Allows administrators to manage the allocation of hardware and software resources.

b. Policy enforceability

Enables administrators to define security and data governance policies.

c. Threat notification

Detects and notifies administrators of dangers, concerns, incidents, and requests involving SaaS applications.


Their pricing starts at $3750 per month. It is billed annually. 

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5. Cledara

Best zylo alternative for startups and medium-scale Fintech companies

Cledara is a SaaS management software that assists businesses in managing and streamlining their purchasing, administration and canceling operations on a single platform. Supervisors may see all SaaS subscriptions to enhance operational operations and verify regulatory compliance.


a. A single SaaS dashboard ‍

A specific source of truth where the entire organization can view all subscriptions currently in place.

b. Approvals are in charge

A simple procurement process that allows teams to propose software and managers to approve it.

c. Analytics

Real-time subscription and user data, as well as the opportunity to detect savings and project budgets.

d. Automation of invoices

Automated capture and matching of SaaS bills from emails.

e. Accounting interfaces

Integrates directly with critical accounting and financial software.


The pricing for Cledara is divided into three broad categories, i.e., essential, plus, and pro. Their essential pricing is $104/per month, followed by $250/per month and $500/per month. 

6. Torii

Best alternative to Zylo for large decentralized businesses and modern IT teams

Torii is a leading and sophisticated innovator of SaaS management solutions, especially designed to maximize control and uncover your industry's SaaS usage and expenditures from a single point of contact. It aids in supplier management, risk and compliance, and expenditure management and provides users with performance data and access control. 

Torii obtains the most thorough view of the user's software licenses and technology stack from a vast array of real-time data resources. Furthermore, Torii software enables enterprises with 500 to 5000 people to reclaim control of their IT company, more efficiently govern the IT department, save wasteful expenses, and validate compliance and security of their SaaS stack.


a. Handling of costs

Monitors expenditures and contracts to manage investments.

b. Automation

Repetitive processes associated with SaaS operations and maintenance can be automated.

c. Administration panel

Offers administration tools/console for routine maintenance chores that are simple to use and learn.

d. Threat notification

Detects and notifies administrators of dangers, concerns, incidents, and requests involving SaaS applications.

e. Logging

Data changes in the software are recorded.



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7. Productiv

Best for large-scale businesses wanting total control of their operations

The Productiv SaaS IntelligenceTM platform is more than a SaaS management solution; it provides IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders with reliable data to proactively control, optimize spend, and improve operational efficiency across SaaS applications.

This employee-centric, data-driven method combines billions of employee app usage data points with vendor contract and organizational data to deliver the most holistic overview of their SaaS applications to firms like Uber, Zoom, and Box.

Productiv, founded in 2018 and supported by Accel, IVP, and Norwest Venture Partners, is on a mission to maximize the value of your SaaS portfolio at scale.


a. Reporting

Allows you to produce reports that are tailored to your company's needs.

b. Compliance by the Government and industry

Assists businesses in meeting their industry-specific compliance requirements for data management and privacy standards.

c. Usage monitoring

Utilization can be tracked by the company, custom time period, or contract.

d. Tracking SaaS utilization

Constantly monitors the number of licenses in use and how frequently they are used. Monitors are used either internally or via integrated applications.

e. Catalog of applications

Enables businesses to track and manage a wide range of applications.


They offer a free trial, and pricing is typically based on a per-user or per-seat basis. Productiv's website suggests that pricing is "tailored to your organization's unique needs," so we will need to contact their sales team for a quote specific to your organization.

8. Zluri

Ideal for commerce and finance-driven companies

Zluri is a SaaS Management Platform for Enterprises (SMP). It provides a single dashboard for discovering, managing, and optimizing your SaaS stack. Zluri re-establishes IT teams' control over their new SaaS landscape.

Because of decentralized SaaS product purchasing, 70% of such software is unknown to the IT department. Zluri assists IT teams in discovering this and rationalizing Software across the organization, ultimately increasing the health of Enterprise IT Architecture. Companies are increasingly struggling with data silos as a result of app duplication across the enterprise. Zluri assists them in overcoming data silos by providing comprehensive insights into application data and, more crucially, its exploitation.


a. Simple renewal tracking

Manage all of your application software contracts/renewals with Zluri and develop an approval process to cut costs - collect data to negotiate and maximize ROI

b. Optimization of application costs

Track, measure, and control application expenditure while demystifying shadow IT - gain deep-dive data from Zluri to rationalize or improve application costs.

C. Data on application usage

Use Zluri's simplified active tracking feature to evaluate application efficiency and learn how to save licensing costs.

D. Insights and reports in real time

With Zluri's real-time notifications, you can stay on top of changes in your application ecosystem. You can also manage renewals and get detailed reports from a single dashboard.


They have divided their pricing into three broad categories, i.e, growth, scale, and enterprise. While the pricing is not mentioned, it's always a wise idea to drop an enquiry to their sales team and get an idea. 

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9. Vanta

Perfect for businesses who have tight tracking and security needs

Vanta streamlines the laborious and costly process of becoming SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, CCPA/CPRA, or GDPR compliant. So you can focus on expanding your business and establishing trust with your customers.

To reliably collect evidence for security audits, the Vanta platform provides read-only connections with the most common cloud services, login information, task trackers, and more. Vanta examines these systems every hour to verify they are correctly configured and stay compliant over time.

The security audit was never easier with Vanta. Use Vanta Seamless Audit to be connected with an independent, five-star rated auditor, or choose an auditor from our recommended partner network.


a. Data loss avoidance

Data is securely stored on-premises or in an adjacent cloud database to prevent data loss at rest.

b. Monitoring of compliance

Monitors data quality and gives alerts when violations or misuse are detected.

c. Analytics for cloud gaps

Analyzes data related to disallowed entries and policy enforcement, providing information for improved authentication and security protocols.

d. Compliance with sensitive data

Supports compliance with PII, GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, and other regulatory standards.

E. Auditing

Analyzes web usage and site performance data to provide risk insights and best practices.

F. Workflow administration

Creates new workflows or simplifies current ones in order to manage IT better support tickets and services.


While the pricing is not mentioned, it's always wise to drop an enquiry to their sales team and get an idea. 

Software Features Best For
  • ROI Guaranteed
  • Spendflo Platform
  • Spendflo Slack/Teams App
  • Data-Backed Negotiations
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Contract & Renewal Management
Businesses to Save Big on SaaS Procurement and Double their ROI
  • Automated Spend Analysis
  • AI-Powered Negotiations & Cost Reduction
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Real-time Budget Tracking
  • Invoice Management & Automation
Businesses to slow down their SaaS Sprawl, Vendr is ideal for big IT companies
  • Repository/Metamode
  • Modeling
  • Decision Analysis
  • Presentation
  • Configurability
  • Frameworks and Standards
  • Usability
Startups and Medium scale Tech Companies
  • AI-Driven Spend Analysis
  • Real-Time Reporting & Insights
  • Multi-Source Data Aggregation
  • Customizable Dashboards & Reports
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Invoicing Automation
Fintech Businesses
  • Financial Insights & Forecasting
  • Spend Tracking & Optimization
  • Robust Reporting & Analytics Toolset
  • User-Defined Spend Categories
  • Multiple Language Support Integrations
Startups and medium-scale Fintech companies
  • Automated Discovery
  • Onboarding
  • Renewal Management
  • Shadow IT Detection
  • Spend Management
  • Subscription Management
Large-scale businesses wanting total control of their operations
  • Accounting Integration
  • Compliance Management
  • Contract/License Management
  • Deadline Management
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Expand list
Businesses that are B2B commerce-driven
  • API
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Approval Process Control
  • Expand list
Commerce and finance-driven companies
  • Robust User Access Control
  • Integrated with ERP/Finance Systems
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • Reporting Data-Driven Spend Analysis
  • Real-time Insights & Alerts
  • Budgeting & Forecasting Tools
Businesses with tight tracking and security needs

Winding Up!

Many SaaS management tools are available for organizations of various sizes, but selecting the best Zylo alternative can be difficult. The proper solution can give firms the insights they need to enhance their operations and cut expenses, from automated clearance workflows to sentiment analysis. Engaging in a software solution that meets the demands of your team can help you save time and money while also providing useful insights about usage patterns and trends.

Spendflo provides a sophisticated cloud-based platform for controlling SaaS spending, including budgeting and procurement, user sentiment analysis, and automated approval workflows. Our platform is intended to give organizations the information they need to make better decisions regarding software usage while lowering costs and increasing productivity. Schedule a Demo and control your SaaS expenditure with Spendflo, the finest Zylo alternative on the market, to learn more or start a trial today.

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