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Insights & Visualization

All the SaaS data you need in a single feed.

Understand your team’s complete SaaS usage information with Spendflo’s Insights. Track and monitor SaaS usage history across all your SaaS apps and teams. Understand usage data, engage in data-backed renewals and maximize the ROI on your SaaS.
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Never lose sight of your SaaS stack.

Monitor all of your active SaaS applications. Know who is using and how much you're spending on each SaaS application at all times.

Stay on top of the SaaS expense trail

Gain complete information on your current and historic spending across all your SaaS applications. Uncover insights to make data-backed decisions and eliminate excess spending. 

Allocate the cost of apps to specific teams or individuals and get insights on the group and individual SaaS spending.

SaaS visibility across teams.

Group your SaaS expenses across teams and track team-wise usage and adoption metrics—monitor SaaS expenses and usage of preferred tools across each team in your organization.

Get everyone on the same page with a single source of truth

Understand SaaS applications used by different users across your organization. Synchronize your SaaS records with employee data in your people directory. Unlock individual expenses and usage patterns to uncover valuable insights.

Powerful alone,
Better together.

Spendflo integrates with Slack to make procurements easy for you and your teams. Fast-track your approvals and renewals through Slack. Get timely notifications on upcoming renewals and pending approvals.
Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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