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Save up to 30% on your SaaS stack and shift to more mindful procurement.

Let Spendflo negotiate the best prices on your SaaS stack, and get complete visibility on all contracts, purchase requests and upcoming renewals. Become a strategic partner in SaaS procurement.

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Up to 3x ROI guaranteed or your money back.

Trusted by amazing companies worldwide

Keeping track of all your organization’s current and upcoming SaaS-related contracts and spends is hard.

Contracts are scattered, requests aren’t passed through a centralized channel and you have no way to properly budget for new requests.

You need a solution that:
Gets you the lowest price on every SaaS tool
Tracks and manages all SaaS contracts in one place
Speeds up procurement and gets tools on board faster
You’re in the right place.

Spendflo guarantees up to 3x ROI while making SaaS procurement faster and more strategic.

Optimize your SaaS budget with the best prices on your stack

Our team of expert buyers use a vast bank of benchmark data and extensive experience while negotiating fair prices for all your SaaS contracts.

Get complete visibility on all SaaS contracts while saving hundreds of hours in paperwork.

Get a centralized view and stay in control of your company’s SaaS contracts with Spendflo’s dashboard. Cut the buying cycle in half, and streamline procurement.

Shift from being last-minute approvers to being strategic partners in SaaS procurement.

Get greater control over your company’s SaaS contracts, and focus on evaluating your organization’s SaaS needs.

Here’s what makes Spendflo right for Finance teams.

Unlike other procurement solutions, we guarantee a 2-3x ROI.

We improve the entire buying process, instead of focusing only on savings.

We offer a robust tool and Slack app to ensure faster approvals, compliance and support.

Hear from Spendflo users who have saved thousands on their SaaS spend.

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"Fortunately, @spendflo came to help, saving us valuable time and money in negotiation, keeping track of and even waiving charges in some cases. Having partnered has given us speed and negotiation leverage that would be super tough to build in house."
Testimonial Image of Naga Subramanya BB; Associate Director of Finance, Airmeet
Naga Subramanya BB
Associate Director of Finance, Airmeet
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"Spendflo gave us a 5x ROI and better visibility into our procurement process"
Testimonial Image of Ali Burchfield; Associate Director of Finance, Crownpeak
Ali Burchfield
Controller, Crownpeak
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Get your teams the partner they need for efficient, cost-effective SaaS purchases.

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Reduce workload and get more visibility and control over contracts.

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Speed up compliance procedures & focus on security.

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Spendflo makes buying and renewing SaaS tools cheaper, faster and easier.

Investing in a new solution can be a gamble. We get it.

That’s why we’re willing to write you a check for the difference if we fail to fulfil our 2-3x ROI promise. Our promise.
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