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Prioritize security with faster and more thorough compliance on all your SaaS tools

Track and manage all SaaS contracts and vendor data on a centralized platform, ensure faster approvals and onboarding and make more strategic decisions on your company’s SaaS needs.

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You’re spending huge amounts of time on security and compliance checks for every new SaaS tool. 

When there is no centralized way to track contracts and vendor data, you’re dependent on long and convoluted email threads, incessant follow-ups and a random spreadsheet or two to get things done.

You Need a Solution that:


Skips the inevitable last minute struggles for license renewals


Cleans up your onboarding systems and makes them more efficient


Speeds up compliance and processing of vendor checklists

Speeds up procurement and gets tools on board faster

Enhance security and speed up compliancewith Spendflo’s streamlined onboarding and renewal processes.

Ensure greater security and faster compliance

We compile and process all documents and checklists allowing the compliance process to move faster and more efficiently

Get better control over your organization’s SaaS infrastructure

Track status of all requests, purchases and renewals, and manage all contracts and licenses from a centralized platform

Save time on chasing paperwork and focus on training, support and maintenance

Skip delays stemming from inefficient email threads and follow-ups. Free up time and resources to dedicate to upkeep and management of core business systems and staff training

Dust those extra SaaS
costs off

(without adding 3 more tools to your stack).

Our free savings analysis tells you how much you’re guaranteed to save with Spendflo. Learn more about cleaning up and automating your tech stack from our experts.

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