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Spendflo helps you effectively bring all your SaaS purchases in one place, collaborate effectively and accelerate procurements with slack-first workflows.

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Spendflo’s onboarding was super quick and efficient. I barely had to spend time on it.

Naga Subramanya BB
Associate Director of Finance, Airmeet

Compared to similar products we've used in the past, the customer experience with Spendflo has been nothing short of delightful.

Rick Schopp
CFO, Wodify

We were able to adopt and work with Spendflo in under a month, and were delighted with getting our first savings alongside our onboarding process. Bravo!

Ali Burchfield
Controller, Crownpeak

Spendflo found inactive licenses in one of our tools, leading to a brief call with their buying team that saved us $22,000 in 30 minutes, which was absolutely brilliant. We absolutely love the team at Spendflo and we can't wait to see how much more we can save with them.

Joseph Clark
Senior IT Manager, Puffco

Centralize all SaaS purchases through Spendflo

Adopt a single channel for all SaaS purchases. Request new tools, easily manage approvals and take control of your SaaS spending. Set a clear approval process to avoid delays in procurements.

Collaborate effectively to fast-track procurements

Keep all stakeholders informed about their requests at all times. Set clear approval workflows. Skip the endless e-mail threads, respond to and update comments on Spendflo from Slack. Accelerate requests and procurements with easy collaboration.

Save time with Slack-first workflows

With Spendflo’s slack-first workflows and timely reminders, you get more work done in less time. Get notified of upcoming renewals. Create and upgrade contracts from Slack. Manage approvals, track requests, and take action.

Dust those extra SaaS and Cloud costs off

(without adding 3 more tools to your stack).

Our free savings analysis tells you how much you’re guaranteed to save with Spendflo. Learn more about cleaning up and automating your tech stack from our experts.

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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
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