Solution for procurement

Map and centralize your procurement process

Spendflo saves hundreds of hours on negotiating SaaS contracts and offers complete visibility while helping you evaluate, right-size and optimize them.

See how much you can save
Up to 30% savings guaranteed
Create dynamic intake forms
Control how intake requests get submitted, collect all the required data beforehand so there are no delays in decision making.
Gain immediate visibility
Know the status of your workflow, including sub-tasks and overdue stages in an instant.
Create custom approval checklists
Know for sure that nothing gets approved without the proper process.
Approve in parallel & sequence
Keep work flowing with parallel and sequential approvals. The audit log captures all the action history as well.
Track overall workflow progress
Procurement tracking made easy

Dust those extra SaaS
costs off

(without adding 3 more tools to your stack).

Our free savings analysis tells you how much you’re guaranteed to save with Spendflo. Learn more about cleaning up and automating your tech stack from our experts.

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Need a rough estimate before you go further?

Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
$2 Million
Your potential savings