How I6 Group Optimized Cost on Their SaaS Stack With a 3X ROI


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Farnborough, Hampshire, UK
Aviation Fuel Management

I6 Group is a software development company specializing in aviation. They pioneered the digitization of fuel management processes, achieving global success with their cloud technology deployed at airports worldwide.

"Spendflo has become an integral part of our team. They're not just a platform; they're a reliable partner. With their innovative solutions, they've transformed our procurement, providing not just cost savings but a collaborative efficiency we hadn't experienced before."

Chris Mattos
Head of Group Finance

The I6 Group’s Challenges

Uncontrolled SaaS sprawl
Rapid expansion led to the use of nearly 360 tools and SaaS subscriptions across the organization without proper oversight. This SaaS sprawl was creating a huge overhead on their budgets.

Ineffective procurement process
Decentralized buying and lack of planning in the procurement process resulted in reactive decision-making. With teams empowered to purchase their SaaS tools, I6 group struggled to streamline their procurement process.

No central visibility into SaaS
Limited visibility into tool usage lead to challenges in understanding subscriptions and optimizing costs. Opacity in the tools being bought and licenses used made it a challenge to make informed decisions on SaaS renewals.

With Spendflo

I6 Group turned to Spendflo, a solution that brought organization and efficiency to their procurement processes.

Consolidating SaaS visibility throughout the organization
Spendflo provided a centralized platform that identified and consolidated all tools and software subscriptions used by I6 Group, offering a real-time view of procurement processes.

Planning renewals proactively

Spendflo's dashboard allowed I6 Group to plan renewals proactively, providing visibility 90 to 120 days in advance and enabling better negotiation with vendors.

Removing Shadow IT and duplicate licenses

The Spendflo platform helped identify duplicate tools, allowing I6 Group to eliminate unnecessary subscriptions and streamline its software stack.


Savings on annual SaaS expenses

I6 Group achieved a remarkable 3x return on investment, showcasing substantial savings by transitioning from monthly to annual subscriptions and negotiating better terms.

SaaS buying simplified

Regular meetings with the Spendflo team improved the procurement process, resulting in significant time savings for I6 Group's finance and management team.

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