Drip Capital achieves 4x ROI and saves 100+ hours in procurements

Drip Capital is India’s fastest-growing global trade finance company. They currently work with 3000+ buyers and sellers across 80+ countries and have facilitated global trade worth over $2.8 billion.


Savings in ROI


Hours saved


Savings in ROI

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Drip Capital's needs

With Spendflo

Overpaying for SaaS tools
Challenges in tracking ownership and accelerating approvals
Lack of data for negotiations/ opaque pricing
No central view of SaaS spend
Consolidated all long tail expenses
Streamlined approval and management workflows by onboarding stakeholders onto a unified platform
Data-backed negotiations and benchmark pricing
Acquired a centralized and detailed view of SaaS spend across the organization


With the help of Spendflo, Drip Capital realized significant savings on their SaaS spend. They gained overall visibility into the SaaS tools used across their organization and streamlined their SaaS approval workflows.

Spendflo provides complete visibility into our SaaS procurement, renewal & approval process. With the help of benchmark pricing data, Spendflo has also helped us negotiate better pricing for our SaaS tools, resulting in a 4X ROI within a quarter.

Anupam Agarwal

Head of finance, Drip Capital

Drip Capital

Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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