How Airmeet uses Spendflo to procure 3X faster and optimize their SaaS spending.


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Airmeet was losing precious business hours trying to negotiate with multiple SaaS vendors. Spendflo's assisted buying and benchmark data knowledge expedites their SaaS procurement process while getting better deals.

Fortunately, Spendflo came to help us optimize our SaaS costs, saving valuable time and money in negotiation, keeping track of, and even waiving charges in some cases. Spendflo has given us speed and negotiation leverage that would be super tough to build in-house.

Naga Subramanya B B
Associate Director of Finance

Founded in 2019, Airmeet is an all-in-one events platform for hosting virtual or hybrid conferences, meetups, expos, and fairs. Thousands of businesses like Walmart, Volvo, Accenture, HackerRank, University of Toronto host events on Airmeet across the globe.


Gain visibility over SaaS spend

Airmeet's rocketship growth from a small team of 10 to a team of 200 employees brought unique challenges. There was a lack of transparency in SaaS usage, procurements took 3 months to complete, and auto-renewals were paid through a credit card.

Negotiate effectively

SaaS became Airmeet's top 3 expenses and they found it difficult to negotiate with every vendor separately. SaaS expenses were left unmonitored, which meant there was very little opportunity to save money on procurements.


Centralized Visibility over SaaS

After Airmeet's SaaS usage grew to 100+ tools, Naga Subramanya, the CFO at Airmeet, started using Spendflo to centralize the SaaS procurement process.

Saving time with Assisted Purchasing

The Spendflo team renegotiated all Airmeet's contracts over the next two months and made new procurements. Today, Airmeet only signs contracts and makes payments while the Spendflo team does all their renewals and new procurements.

"We've done almost 50 procurements in the last two months, which is phenomenal because even if I had to spend just 20 minutes per contract, it's a 1000 minutes saved. Spendflo enabled some of those procurements within 2-3 days with a 40-50% discounts from the first quote.", - Naga Subramanya BB, CFO, Airmeet


With the help of Spendflo, Naga and the team were able to save on their SaaS expense and gain visibility over the SaaS stack. Spendflo helped Airmeet realize significant savings and saved time on their renewals with a dedicated buyer team. After using Spendflo, Airmeet's procurements now happen 3X faster, and the company saves significantly on its SaaS expenses.

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