But you may ask why?

While Sastrify may appear like the beacon of hope for SaaS renewals and management for businesses, it has its own weaknesses as a platform. Shadowy IT concerns can slip through undetected by Sastrify due to its innumerable integrations, which often may need to be clarified for users of all types and bases. However, Sastrify sure does its very best to detect SaaS activity ad hoc, but it certainly has little to no power to prevent it! 

What makes the case even worse is that it needs manual integration for SaaS buying. This lack of features leaves the users juggling between apps and budgets, making it a tiresome and round-the-clock process.

So Spendflo has evaluated the 9 best Sastrfy competitors and alternatives for 2023 that offer powerful features for hands-on control of your SaaS spends and renewals across departments. We have narrowed it down with a comprehensive guide on what each option offers, alongside its pricing, so that informed decisions become a cakewalk.

Why Look for a Sastrify Alternative?

There are plenty of reasons why you should look out for Sastrify alternatives. 

The lack of DLP controls, poor reporting of automation failures, and sometimes finicky usability have led organizations to seek Sastrify alternatives. Overall, Sastrify can often be a rip-off and unworthy of your sweat per buck. Here are some reasons why having a list of Sastrify alternatives should be at your fingertips. 

1. Less Customization

Sastrify provides a defined set of features and workflows that may not be configurable to the individual demands of each business. This may limit the platform's versatility for some users.

2. Cost

Sastrify is not cheap, especially for small firms or startups. Because the pricing approach is based on consumption, the expenses might quickly pile up if a company has a high volume of localization demands.

3. Learning Curve

Because Sastrify is a complicated platform with numerous features and capabilities, new users may face a steep learning curve. This may necessitate more time and resources to get the platform up and running.

4. Security

There is always the potential for security breaches or data loss with any cloud-based software platform. While Sastrify has put security safeguards in place to protect user data, customers should still try to safeguard their data and confidential material.

The 9 Best Sastrify Alternatives

Of course, Sastrify has its share of advantages, but businesses must undermine its potential disadvantages. Company owners and leaders must actively look for alternatives to serve the purpose better. 

1. Spendflo

Best for a business that wants to automate and customize workflows.

Spendflo is a SaaS management platform that assists customers in identifying, optimizing, and securing apps. Spendflo's data accuracy is suitable for businesses with more than 500 employees. On the other hand, firms with less than 500 employees may benefit from its advantages. Spendflo helps quickly growing firms source, manage, and save up to 30% on SaaS expenses while providing a guaranteed ROI. Spendflo offers a comprehensive strategy that enables every SaaS buyer to submit and renew requests, access all tools, contracts, and security papers, and communicate with vendors on renewals and new procurement.

Integrating benchmark data and organizational insights, enables users to acquire, subscribe to, renew, and negotiate software spending.

Spendflo offers numerous options for streamlining and simplifying SaaS management. Its discovery function assists users in selecting the best applications for their business requirements. It also helps with purchasing and contract management by automating approvals and workflows and offering insight and visualization. Its Slack Bot keeps teams up to date on changes, and its Vendor Trust helps clients to trust the vendors from whom they buy.

A. Product Discovery

Spendflo is an easy-to-use interface that assists users in quickly identifying the right solution for their business's needs. Spendflo assigns a trust score to each vendor as part of the product discovery process. This score is influenced by customer reviews, product ratings, active users, and other factors. This score assists individuals in selecting the best vendor for their needs.

B. Contract Administration

Contract and vendor relationship management is becoming increasingly crucial as Spendflo companies rely more on SaaS solutions. Spendflo offers a consolidated contract administration solution that streamlines contract management processes such as renewals and cancellations.

C. Workflows for approval

Spendflo has a workflow approval procedure to ensure that software is appropriately approved. As a result, firms may quickly design approval workflows. Users can also define roles, with access granted based on organizational purpose. This streamlines the approval process while preserving control over software purchases.

D. Sentiment Centre

Sentiment Hub is a sophisticated tool that allows users to quickly examine how customers feel about their software. It facilitates assessing customer feedback and public sentiment on software, providing Spendflo customers an advantage when evaluating vendor performance. Users can use this tool to swiftly identify areas for improvement and make more informed purchasing selections.

E. Buying with assistance

Spendflo contributes to Assisted Buying Software by providing a user-friendly platform that streamlines the process from start to finish. Users may compare shopping, budgeting, and approval processes using Spendflo. The technology monitors software purchases in real-time and offers access to precise data for quick thinking. Spendflo also simplifies the purchase process by eliminating manual data entry and automating the request, review, and approval processes.

Tabby achieves 4x ROI with Spendflo and standardizes SaaS contracts ft. Poomesh Mathew | Spendflo

Spendflo Pricing and Package Benefits

  • Rapid vendor and security compliance
  • Handle SaaS contracts in a single location
  • Monitor employee SaaS usage
  • Recognize employee sentiment
  • Simplify SaaS approvals
  • Monitor renewals and transition to conscious procurement.

Package Services

● Streamlined approvals via Slack/Teams

● A dedicated customer success manager


Up to 30% of your SaaS expenses

Price: $2,500/m (Billed Annually)

Rating - 4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️(70 Reviews on G2)

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  1. Learn how Drip Capital achieves 4X ROI & saves 100+ hours in Procurement
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2. Vendr

Best for businesses with different SaaS needs across multiple departments and teams.

Vendr is a robust software platform that assists businesses in managing subscription services, reducing expenses, automating procedures, and streamlining vendor administration. Its features, such as centralized management, cost savings, automation, customization, and vendor management, make it an invaluable tool for businesses trying to optimize their subscription management procedures.

Explore more on Vendr vs Spendflo


a. Consolidated Management: Vendr offers a centralized platform for managing a company's subscription services, making it simple to track and manage subscriptions in a single location. 

B. Cost Savings: Vendr assists organizations in optimizing their subscription services in order to minimize expenses and avoid paying for services that they do not use. Vendr's analytics and reporting tools provide insights into subscription usage and spending, enabling businesses to uncover cost-cutting opportunities.

C. Automation: Several aspects of subscription management, such as renewals, cancellations, and vendor communications, are automated by Vendr. 


Vendr is a subscription-based software platform, and its pricing is determined by the number of subscribers managed by the platform. Vendr does not advertise its pricing because it is tailored to each customer.

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3. Spend Desk

Best for businesses with hands-on spend tracking across departments & teams

Spend Desk is a comprehensive software platform that assists firms with all aspects of spend management, from procurement through payment. Its capabilities allow firms to optimize their spending, cut costs, and improve their financial health.


A. Procurement

Spend Desk offers solutions to help firms streamline their procurement processes, such as the ability to maintain supplier information, get bids, and produce purchase orders.

B. Expense Management

Spend Desk assists firms with tracking spending, managing approvals, and generating expense reports. It can connect to corporate credit cards to streamline expense reporting.

C. Budgeting and forecasting

Spend Desk gives organizations a real-time picture of their financials, including budget tracking and forecasts. This enables firms to make informed spending decisions and alter their budgets as needed.


Spendesk charges a monthly subscription fee per user, with additional fees for virtual or physical cards and overseas transactions. According to the characteristics and functionality required, the cost is separated into three plans:

1. Team plan

The Team Plan is designed for small organizations and provides basic cost management capabilities, virtual cards, and financial connections. The Team plan starts at $9 per month per user.

2. Company plan

The Company plan is intended for mid-sized enterprises and contains all of the Team plan features, enhanced spending management capabilities, printed cards, and dedicated support. The Business plan begins at $18 per month per user.

3. Custom plan

The Custom plan is intended for larger enterprises and contains all of the features of the Corporate plan, as well as customized pricing, better integrations, and a dedicated account manager. The pricing for the Bespoke plan is tailored to the organization’s exact needs and objectives.

4. Cledara

Best for IT organizations and tech-centric service-based companies.

Cledara is a SaaS management software that assists businesses in managing and streamlining their purchasing, administration, and canceling operations on a single platform. Supervisors may see all SaaS subscriptions to enhance operational operations and verify regulatory compliance.


a. Management of subscriptions

Cledara enables businesses to keep track of all their subscriptions, including SaaS products, cloud services, and other recurring expenses, in one spot.

B. Keeping track of expenses

Cledara automatically categorizes expenses based on their kind, making it easy for businesses to monitor how much they pay for various software subscriptions.

C. Budget administration

Cledara enables businesses to set budgets for various types of software subscriptions and gives alerts when they are approaching their limit.


Cledara’s price approach is customizable and depends on the number of subscribers managed on the platform.

1. Free: Up to two subscriptions, spending tracking, and basic analytics are included.

2. Pro: €10/month for up to ten subscriptions; contains all of the free plan’s features

and budget management, team management, and sophisticated reporting.

3. Team: €25/month for up to 25 memberships, including all of the Pro plans

5. Leanix

Best suited for enterprises with big and complex IT systems.

LeanIX is a cloud-based software platform allowing businesses to manage their IT landscapes from one location. It gives businesses a full picture of all IT components, including apps, hardware, and software, and allows them to tie these components to business processes.


A. Enterprise Architecture Management

By providing a centralized repository for all architectural assets, LeanIX helps businesses to manage their enterprise architecture. Companies can also use it to map their architecture to business processes and track changes.

B. Cloud Governance

LeanIX offers solutions to help businesses manage their cloud infrastructures by monitoring cloud usage and costs. It also allows businesses to track cloud compliance and identify potential security threats.

C. Integration

LeanIX connects with many other IT management tools, including ITSM software, configuration management databases (CMDBs), and software development tools.


Leanix is a subscription-based software platform, and its pricing is determined by the number of subscribers managed by the platform. Leanix does not advertise its pricing because it is tailored to each customer.

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6. Lumos

Best for companies with automated access requests.

With Lumos, customers can manage and govern their apps under one platform. It supports the world's greatest IT and security teams, from next-generation businesses to existing corporations. It breaks down technology silos by providing IT, Security, Compliance, and Finance with visibility into app usage, entitlements, spending, and the ability to act on that data.


1. Automation

Use self-service to eliminate IT tickets while keeping your staff happy and productive.

2. Boost Your Security Posture

Safeguard your firm by granting granular cloud and app accessibility to the appropriate people for the appropriate period.

3. Spend Less Money on SaaS

Spend less on unneeded and unwanted vendors and be more diligent with renewals.


Lumos has not publicly mentioned its pricing. However, they have made it easier by submitting your queries and requesting a demo through their official website. 

7. Zylo

Best for businesses with a large number of SaaS apps that want a single tool

Zylo is a platform for enterprise SaaS acquisition and risk management. It combines innovative technology and benchmarks to maximize the return on saas investments. Companies may discover and monitor more applications, boost staff productivity, and maintain compliance by discovering and monitoring more apps, improving procurement efficiency, gaining data-driven insights to decrease redundant solutions, and ensuring compliance.


a. Investment planning

Actionables are suggested to optimize the portfolio based on priority. Monitors saas spend and consumption across the environment to improve efficiency and user satisfaction.

B. Purchase and license administration: Allow procurement teams to make data-driven decisions by providing centralized saas


c. Asset administration: Constantly scans for underused software and shadow IT, removing superfluous licenses.


The price is determined by the features you select. You can visit the pricing page and request a customized quote for more information.

Pricing for Zylo is not available without contacting their sales staff. But if you want to learn more about the Zylo price, we’ve got you covered.

The annual platform cost is between $35,000 and $40,000. Unless your firm has at least 500 employees, Zylo pricing is unlikely to generate a positive Return. Zylo pricing will rise as your employee base grows.

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8. Zluri

Zluri provides a unified console for enterprise IT professionals to manage, discover, verify compliance, and optimize SaaS solutions. Users obtain comprehensive visibility into their SaaS environment, can eliminate apps with comparable functionality, manage licenses, and automate onboarding and offboarding operations. Zluri can be viewed as either a Satisfry substitute or a competitor. 


a. Employee application store

Manage what information employees see, assign roles in the approval process, and allow users to propose additional apps. Aids employees in making educated decisions give real-time updates on all processes and automates specific workflows.

B. Automation of employee processes

Employee onboarding and offboarding procedures are automated, and valuable ideas for new employees are provided with high accuracy.

C. Discovering apps

Allows employees to obtain granular information about the app environment, removes unapproved apps, gives deep insights into SaaS consumption, and eliminates duplicate applications.


Zluri has three pricing tiers: Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. The final cost is determined by the plan chosen and the features necessary. The final price can be determined after contacting their sales team.

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9. G2 Track

Best for companies with mass SaaS applications for better visibility.

G2 Track is a cloud-based SaaS management platform that assists businesses in tracking and managing their subscription-based software applications. Companies can use the programme to optimize their SaaS stack, manage software licenses and renewals, and track usage and expenditures.


1. Management of licenses and renewals: The programme provides a centralized repository for managing all SaaS licenses, allowing businesses to conveniently track renewal dates, costs, and other critical information.

2.Cost Optimization: G2 Track delivers insights into software usage and prices, allowing businesses to find areas where they may optimize their software stack and decrease expenditures.

3.Customized dashboards and reporting: The programme includes customisable dashboards and reporting options to help businesses better understand their SaaS consumption and costs.


For interested users, the provider provides a free trial of the product. G2 Track's pricing is per user, per-month and is often determined by the number of software applications tracked and managed.

Software Features Best For
  • ROI Guaranteed
  • Spendflo Platform
  • Spendflo Slack/Teams App
  • Data-Backed Negotiations
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Contract & Renewal Management
Spendflo's automated capabilities and customizable workflows can help large organizations with various departments and teams with complex financial procedures.
  • Consolidated Management
  • Cost Savings
  • Automation
The software is ideal for businesses with many SaaS subscriptions that must be managed across multiple departments and teams.
Spend Desk
  • A. Procurement
  • B. Expense Management
  • C. Budgeting and forecasting
It is useful for businesses tracking spending across numerous departments, teams, or projects.
  • Management of subscriptions
  • Keeping track of expenses
  • Budget administration
It is ideal for organizations that rely primarily on subscription-based services, such as software firms, marketing agencies, and other service-based businesses
  • Enterprise Architecture Management
  • Cloud Governance.
  • Integration
The programme is best suited for enterprises with big and complex IT systems that want a tool to help them get visibility into their IT assets, more effectively manage IT transformation, and improve their IT infrastructure.
  • Automation
  • Boost Your Security Posture
  • Spend Less Money on SaaS
It is best for companies who want Access requests to be automated, the least privilege to be enforced
  • Investment Planning
  • Purchase and license administration
  • Asset administration
The program is ideal for businesses with many SaaS apps that want a tool to help them gain more insight into their SaaS usage and spend, optimize their SaaS portfolio, and cut costs.
  • Employee application store
  • Automation of employee processes
  • Discovering Apps
Best for IT departments to manage SaaS applications by enabling visibility, control, and automation.
G2 Track
  • Management of licenses and renewals
  • Cost Optimization
  • Customized dashboards and reporting
It is especially valuable for companies with many SaaS applications that require a tool to help them obtain visibility into their SaaS usage and spend.

Winding up!

Numerous SaaS management systems are available for enterprises of all sizes, but choosing the best Sastrify alternative can be challenging but could be a game-changer. So why hold back? Investing in a software solution that suits your team’s needs can help you save time and

money while offering valuable insights into usage patterns and trends.

Spendflo offers a sophisticated cloud-based platform for SaaS spending control, including budgeting and procurement, user sentiment analysis, and automated approval procedures. Our platform is designed to provide enterprises with the information they need to make better software usage decisions while saving costs and increasing productivity. Schedule a Demo and manage your organization with Spendflo, the finest.

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