March 2, 2023

10 Best SaaS Management Platforms

Some may say that your expectations from one SaaS management tool is high, but they are essential and shouldn’t be missed. However, your search process may become a little cumbersome when you kickstart your journey to find the best SaaS management tool with these expectations. Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated a listicle that’ll help your business avoid confusion and find the right solution. 

We’ve listed 10 best SaaS management software solutions that are among the most trusted, reliable, and intuitive tools available. Whether you're a small start-up or an established enterprise, these solutions make it easy to get up and running quickly. So take some time to browse this one-stop-shop of top choices and find the perfect fit for success!.

What Are SaaS Management Platforms?

SaaS management platforms are comprehensive cloud-based solutions that simplify managing software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions. These tools provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring SaaS expenses and automating mundane tasks such as license renewal and user role assignment.

Overall, be it a top-of-the-line enterprise-level solution or a cost-effective system for a smaller operation, SaaS management tools help an organization ensure that their SaaS investments are kept in check while also giving them the flexibility to scale up or down as their business needs change. Furthermore, in the changing dynamics of cloud computing, having a reliable SaaS management platform has become an absolute must for any organization looking to optimize its cloud operations.

Why Do Companies Need SaaS Management?


Many companies are turning to SaaS solutions in the digital age to provide more efficient and cost-effective services. It can take considerable manual effort to keep up with the many tasks of running a SaaS system. This is where SaaS management comes into play. With SaaS management, organizations can take control of multiple day-to-day necessities:

  • Better track user productivity
  • Monitors usage data
  • Optimizes performance
  • Improves scalability
  • Generates reports on system performance and distribution
  • Identifies cost-saving opportunities

Companies that use this technology can stay ahead of their competitors regarding security, speed, and reliability. In addition, with the help of SaaS management tools, companies can efficiently manage their SaaS environments and maximize their return on investment.

7 Best Features of SaaS Management Platforms

The dawn of Software-as-a-Service has upended the status quo of how businesses manage their internal operations. Gone are the days of clunky legacy software, replaced with cloud technology that makes it easier than ever to access and update information. And as businesses continue to rely more and more on digital solutions, the need for SaaS management tools that keeps those technologies organized increases. One such platform is Spendflo which helps businesses stay on top of their cloud operations to control internal work systems built with features like:

  • Contract management tools: Monitor, manage and renew contracts in one interface
  • Software usage data tracking: Track user productivity and usage to optimize performance
  • Expense analytics: Analyze usage data to identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Automation: Automate mundane tasks like user role assignment and license renewal
  • Security management: Monitor, manage and secure user access to prevent data leakage
  • Application discovery tools:  Uncover applications that are not being used and remove them to save costs.
  • Vendor bidding: Automatically contact vendors and select the best option
  • Compliance management: Ensure that all software meets compliance regulations

These powerful features simplify the management of SaaS subscriptions, allowing users to save time and money while ensuring their applications remain secure. With Spendflo, businesses can be sure and confident that their cloud operations are running smoothly.

10 Best SaaS Management Platforms 

The SaaS platform market has a range of offerings addressing some of the foremost challenges associated with SaaS management. These encompass:

  • Shadow IT and app visibility
  • Operations management
  • Vendor management for SaaS subscriptions
  • Spend management for cost saving opportunities

Nearly all of the tools featured on our list manage these four categories through critical features. We will look at a selection of these now.

1. Spendflo

Spendflo is a comprehensive SaaS management platform that helps users discover, optimize and secure applications. With its data accuracy, Spendflo offers the best solution for enterprises with more than 500 employees. However, companies with less than 500 can also benefit from its features. 

Spendflo provides extensive features designed to streamline and simplify SaaS management. Its discovery function helps users identify the right applications for their business needs. It also assists in purchasing and contract management, providing automated approvals and workflows with insight and visualization tools. Its Slack Bot keeps teams up-to-date on progress, while its Vendor Trust enables customers to trust the vendors they are buying from. Finally, it allows users to track usage and access its Sentiment Hub to get even more accurate insights into the user experience. 

With these features combined, Spendflo is one of the best SaaS management platforms available today – offering a comprehensive set of solutions for optimizing SaaS performance at scale.

1. Discover products

Spendflo provides an intuitive interface for users to find the right application for their business needs quickly. As part of its product discovery, Spendflo also provides a “trust score” for each vendor. This score is based on user reviews, customer ratings, active users, and other factors. This score helps ensure users are selecting the right vendor for their needs.

2. Assisted purchasing

Coordinating purchasing for cloud applications can be a challenge. Spendflo’s assisted purchasing makes securing and managing the best vendor easier based on needs and budget. It enables users to automatically compare vendors, identify best-in-class products, and select the right one. Spendflo also provides automated approval workflows, making negotiating and managing contracts simpler.

3. Contract management

Spendflo businesses increase their reliance on SaaS solutions, and the need to manage contracts and vendor relationships effectively becomes even more important. Spendflo provides a centralized contract management tool that simplifies managing contracts, including renewals and cancellations.

4. Approval workflows

To ensure that all software is properly approved, Spendflo includes an approval workflow system. This allows businesses to create approval workflows easily. It also enables users to set up specific user roles, with access granted based on their role in the organization. This makes it easier to manage the approval process while still maintaining control over software purchases. 

5. Sentiment hub

Sentiment Hub is a powerful tool that enables users to assess how people feel about their software quickly. It helps measure customer feedback and public sentiment on software, giving Spendflo customers an edge when assessing their vendor’s performance. With this feature, users can quickly identify areas for improvement and make better decisions about the software they purchase.

6. Track usage

Spendflo provides users with powerful insights into how their software is being used. This includes using analytics and tracking, allowing customers to monitor the success of their investments. With this feature, customers can make sure they get the most out of their software purchases and adjust as needed.

Spendflo’s Pricing & Package Features

  • Fast-track vendor and security compliance.
  • Manage SaaS contracts in one place.
  • Track employee SaaS usage.
  • Understand employee sentiment.
  • Streamline SaaS approvals.
  • Track renewals and shift to mindful procurement.

Package Services

  • Streamlined approvals via Slack/Teams.
  • A dedicated customer success manager.


Up to 30% of your SaaS expenses.

Price: $2,500/m (Billed Annually)

2. Productiv


Businesses need a comprehensive SaaS management tool to stay on top of their software and license usage. Productiv provides just that – with features to help customers simplify their SaaS operations and save money. It offers an easy-to-use interface for discovering products and vendors, as well as automated approval workflows to ensure all software makes sure businesses get the most out of their SaaS investments, Productiv offers features to track usage and monitor sentiment. This allows customers to see their software's effectiveness or if there’s room for improvement.


  • Help customers gain better visibility into their SaaS usage and costs
  • Software Discovery & Trust Score
  • Tailored to product and vendor type
  • Automated Approval Workflows
  • Ensure that all software is properly approved

3. Torii


Torii is a powerful SaaS management tool that helps businesses track and manage their software investments. It offers automated approvals, detailed reporting, and sentiment analysis to ensure they get the most out of their SaaS investments. With an easy-to-use interface, users can quickly identify best-in-class products through comprehensive product and vendor ratings. In addition, Torii allows businesses to set detailed usage policies, so they can make sure their licenses are used properly.


  • Track and manage SaaS investments
  • Automated approvals
  • Detailed reporting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Comprehensive product and vendor ratings
  • Set detailed usage policies

4. Blissfully (now Vendr)


Blissfully (now Vendr) is a SaaS management platform that helps businesses discover, manage and optimize their software usage. It offers features to help customers control costs, simplify approvals, and gain insights into the effectiveness of their investments. Blissfully’s suite of tools includes an app bundle that allows users to quickly browse and evaluate the best-in-class products and automate their approval process. It also offers sentiment analysis, so customers can understand how employees feel about their software.


  • Discover & manage SaaS investments
  • Control costs with automated approvals
  • Gain insights into the effectiveness of investments
  • App bundle for quickly browsing & evaluating
  • Sentiment analysis to understand employee sentiments.
  • Recommendations & cost optimization tips.
  • Real-time alerts on important changes.

5. BetterCloud


BetterCloud is a comprehensive SaaS management platform that helps businesses streamline their operations and get the most out of their software investments. It provides an easy-to-use interface to discover, manage, and analyze their SaaS environment.


  • Automated approval workflows
  • Usage Policies
  • Sentiment analysis

6. Basaas


Basaas is an advanced SaaS management platform that helps businesses track and optimize their software usage. It offers automated approvals, detailed reporting, sentiment analysis, and cost optimization to ensure businesses get the most out of their investments. Basaas also provides easy-to-use dashboards to monitor trends and identify opportunities for improvement. In addition, it offers custom usage policies and alerts to ensure compliance with organizational standards.


  • Track & optimize SaaS investments
  • Automated approvals
  • Detailed reporting & sentiment analysis
  • Cost optimization
  • Monitor trends & identify improvement opportunities
  • Custom usage analytics

7. Zylo


Zylo helps businesses streamline their operations and get the most out of their software investments. Zylo offers features to help customers keep track of applications, automate approvals, manage usage policies, monitor sentiment, and more. It also provides detailed reports and analytics so customers can gain insights into their software investments. In addition, Zylo offers custom integrations and workflow automation to ensure organizations adhere to their usage policies.


  • Track & manage applications
  • Automate approvals
  • Manage usage policies
  • Monitor sentiment & user experience
  • Detailed reports & analytics
  • Custom integrations


Source is a SaaS management platform that helps businesses save time and money by streamlining their operations. It provides an intuitive dashboard to help customers identify best-in-class products and manage usage policies, as well as automated approvals and sentiment analysis for total control over their investments. In addition, it offers detailed reporting and cost optimization tips to ensure customers get the most out of their software investments.


  • Intuitive dashboard for discovering & managing SaaS products
  • Automated approvals
  • Detailed reporting & sentiment analysis
  • Cost optimization tips
  • Set usage policies & monitor progress with alerts.

9. Coreview


Coreview is a cloud management platform that helps businesses monitor and manage their SaaS investments. It provides an easy-to-use interface to identify best-in-class products, set usage policies, and analyze sentiment data. Coreview also offers detailed reporting capabilities so customers can offer features to help monitor and manage their software investments, including:


  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Comprehensive product & vendor ratings
  • Set usage policies & automated approvals.
  • Real-time alerts on important changes.
  • Integrations with third-party products & services.
  • Recommendations & cost optimization
  • Custom integrations

10. Ampliphae


Ampliphae is an all-encompassing SaaS management platform for businesses. Easily identify applications used on the network, monitor usage rate, and observe who's accessing which service. Transfer users from non-compliant services to compliant ones and effortlessly deploy a more affordable cloud discovery, security, and compliance service. Keep tabs on irregularities and acquire detailed insights about each program's advantages and potential risks with its frequently updated database.


  • Cloud discovery, security, and compliance
  • Easy transfer of users from non-compliant services to compliant ones
  • Monitor usage rate and observe who's accessing what service
  • Detailed insights about the advantages and potential risks of each program.

How Do SaaS Solutions Contribute To Workplace Safety?

SaaS solutions are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace because they help in the following:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Increase productivity, and
  • Help organizations create a safer work environment.

SaaS solutions can monitor employee performance and behavior, detect hazards, track safety metrics, and measure compliance with health and safety regulations.

With the right SaaS management tool, managers can oversee their team's activities while increasing visibility into employee progress. For example, using an analytics dashboard or heatmap helps visualize areas of risk or potential problems. With the collected data from these visuals, employers can more quickly identify any issues that may arise and take corrective action before they become serious threats.

In addition to monitoring employees' tasks, SaaS solutions can also be used to protect them from potential hazards. For instance, real-time hazard alerts can be sent out in the event of an emergency or danger. Employees can use the software's reporting functionality to document any accidents or injuries. SaaS solutions also provide access to training materials and best practices that help employers stay up-to-date on workplace safety topics.

Overall, SaaS solutions are a great way for workplaces to improve their safety procedures while keeping up with employee performance and efficiency. By using such software solutions, organizations can ensure they meet health and safety standards and create an environment where workers feel safe and secure.

Wrapping Up!

For companies looking to better manage their SaaS investments and optimize spend, the article on the 10 Best SaaS Management Software is an invaluable resource. It provides a robust overview of the top tools available today. In addition, it discusses key criteria for selecting the right solution for your business, including product features, automation capabilities, and ease of use. 

Investing further time to compare different solutions, analyze pricing plans, and get feedback from other users will pay off in ensuring you select reliable SaaS management software that meets your requirements now and into the future. 

Having considered all these points, Spendflo is a highly cost-effective software offering detailed visibility into cloud usage at an enterprise-level scale and extensive customization options. In addition, its intuitive user experience makes it easy to set up and get started quickly, with no specialist knowledge or IT resources required. So, Book a Demo today with Spendflo and leverage the best of SaaS management software for incredible business growth.

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