Cost savings guide for the downturn CFO

Bay Area Edition

A resourceful guide on how CFOs can engage in proactive cost saving during the economic downturn.

What to expect?

The economic downturn is already here. How to tackle it?
Creeping expenses and aligning the right priorities for your startup.
Overcoming the red queen effect.
Smart SaaS buying strategies.

Authored by

Siddharth Sridharan
Co-founder & CEO, Spendflo
Nivas Ravichandran
Head of Marketing, Spendflo

What you’ll find in this book

Downturn is here
How the financial landscape is facing a downturn.
How the macro trends have affected the economy and its impact on hyper growth businesses.
Priorities are changing
How growth-at-all-cost strategy is no more relevant.
The new metrics to track that make an impact on your business.
Red queen effect
Why you need to get less comfortable with the status-quo.
Why the current way of SaaS buying is broken and how it impacts your growth.
SaaS buying strategy
Bringing visibility and intelligence to negotiate better SaaS contracts.
The future of SaaS procurements that is scalable and fuels your growth.

About Spendflo

Spendflo's SaaS buying and optimization platform drives collaborative buying, contextual automation and guaranteed ROI for its users with its unique benchmark data.

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