What tools are we using? 

How much of our budget is going towards SaaS? 

What cost-cutting measures will help curb this drain? 

I’m sure these questions come up time and again, with no clear way to find the answers, leading to SaaS wastage—a formidable opponent to every modern organization. 

Not anymore. These questions will never come back to haunt you again. RIP, SaaS wastage.

Spendflo’s SaaS Insights Center, the decisive blow to SaaS Wastage

Spendflo’s SaaS Insights Center arms you with impactful insights that help identify the root causes of SaaS wastage, and destroys it entirely. 

Before we understand how Spendflo eliminates SaaS wastage, here’s what leads to it in the first place:

  1. When companies have no visibility on how much they’re spending, and on what SaaS tools. 
  2. When companies don’t know if these SaaS tools are leading to shadow IT, who is using them, and how many duplicate tools are currently in use. 
  3. When there is no answer to whether the SaaS spend is critical, optimizable, or unnecessary.

When you have the power to solve all three of these problems, you can make meaningful decisions, and cut costs in the right places at the right time. 

In a simple and powerful move, Spendflo’s SaaS Management Hub brings together all the weapons you need to destroy SaaS wastage. 

Spend analytics: Get the answer to “What tools are we using?”

  • Get centralized visibility on every tool you own with the Spend Analytics dashboard.
  • Know which tools are costing you the most by sorting this dashboard based on cost.
  • *Dig deeper and understand each tool’s contracted vs actual spends, and which teams are spending the most on these tools. 

So now you know the spots where SaaS wastage is lurking. Let’s go a step closer to eliminating SaaS wastage.

Usage tracking: Know how much of your budget is spent on SaaS and by whom

  • Shine the spotlight on shadow IT by tracking the usage of your SaaS tools from a single tab.
  • Get actionable insights on tools that have underused licenses and overpaid subscriptions. Sort this by teams*, and individual users to get deeper insights (Because is it even worth spending on if they’re using it once in a blue moon?).
  • Identify if you’re paying for more than one CRM tool or multiple project management tools to know where you can cut costs. 

Ok, now you know who’s using, or not using what tools. But without understanding why they’re doing so, the decision-making process remains incomplete. So let’s find out why. 

*Sentiment survey: Take the perfect cost-cutting measures, effortlessly

The Sentiment Survey helps you get straightforward, immediate answers from your employees, and gives you the power to make the right decisions:

  • Know the complete context behind the usage and spend of every tool through the Sentiment grid.
  • Find what tools are not required or critical yet underused, and take appropriate actions. This grid will tell you whether you need to renew, retire, renegotiate or retrain for the tools for the most effective decision. 

No more blind cost-cutting, no more leaky SaaS budgets. Congratulations, you’ve now successfully eliminated SaaS wastage in your organization too. 

Spendflo’s SaaS Insights Center helps you uncover hidden wastage, identify redundant subscriptions, optimize your software utilization with precision, and redirect funds towards strategic initiatives that fuel your growth—And you can get started today, for free. Let’s observe a minute of silence for our fallen foe. RIP SaaS wastage, once and for all. 

*Available in the paid plan only

Priyadharshini Venkatraman
Product Marketing
Karthikeyan Manivannan

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