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The SaaS-buying process at your company is broken.

SaaS is a growing expense, but your teams simply do not have the bandwidth to evaluate, negotiate and track renewals for 150+ tools.

This means you’re paying exorbitant prices for every single software you use—and occasionally on tools you don’t even use.

We can help fix that.

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We buy, negotiate and renew your SaaS to your advantage using:

Our team of expert buyers who negotiate their way to the right price.
Our benchmark data and insights from companies like yours.
A platform that centralizes purchase requests, approvals & contracts.
Extensively battle-tested negotiation tactics and playbooks.
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Get the best prices on your SaaS, without the headache of negotiations.

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Don’t let opaque, variable pricing cost you thousands of dollars.
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We help you get fair prices on all your SaaS tools, and eliminate the back-and-forth negotiations from your procurement.
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Get direct access to expert buyers and managers via Slack, and ensure seamless onboarding and clear communication.

Manage all SaaS vendors in one platform, and streamline your approval workflow.

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Know when your contracts are up for renewal, who owns them, and how much you’re saving on them.
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Shift to more thoughtful procurement. Evaluate needs and explore competitors before buying tools.
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Route approvals through Slack and go from requests to purchases faster.
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Put security & compliance on priority and close the loop on paperwork faster.

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Let Spendflo compile all required documentation and security checklists from vendors. All you need to do is sign-off.
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Cancel all auto-renewals and pay only for tools you actually use.
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Track procurement status within the dashboard, and avoid delays stemming from lost emails and duplicate spreadsheets.

Here’s how it works:

We analyze your SaaS stack, and show you what you could be saving.
Your team requests and approves new tools using our dashboard and Slack app.
We get you the best deals and terms on your chosen software based on your needs.
We automate IT clearance, legal approval and compliance processes.
Your team starts using the tool!
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Free up time and resources you’re currently spending on:

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Negotiating better deals without any pricing insight.
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Vetting and figuring out terms for new contracts or worrying about renewal dates.
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Hunting through email threads and following up on people for approvals.
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Chasing vendors and ensuring compliance and clearance for >100 tools.

Get your teams the partner they need for efficient, cost-effective SaaS purchases.


Get 2x-3x ROI and become a strategic partner in procurement.

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Reduce workload and get more visibility and control over contracts.

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IT & Security

Speed up compliance procedures & focus on security.

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Get the right tool in the shortest amount of time.

Support that goes all the way.

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We’ll locate all your historical contract information from invoices, email chains etc. and migrate it to Spendflo.
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Our customer success managers will collaborate with you on new purchases, keep you notified of renewals, and right-size existing contracts.

Got questions? We're here to help!

How much money can you really save me?
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Depending on the scale of your SaaS spend, we can guarantee 2x to 3x ROI. We mean it.

If we don’t meet this number, we’ll pay you the difference.

Why should we work with you when we already have a Procurement department?
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Here’s the thing: your Procurement department is spread too thin. They cannot (and shouldn’t) waste hours negotiating each contract.

Additionally, buying SaaS is challenging. Your team does not have access to the vast price benchmarking data that we have.

We’re here to be an extension of your procurement team—to do the heavy-work while they focus on strategy.

How is Spendflo better than other solutions in the market?
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1. We guarantee 3x savings (the standard offered by most others is 1x or less).

2. We automate the entire SaaS procurement process, end-to-end, for your team. All you need to do is request a tool, and it’ll magically be yours, at a heavy discount, and in half the time.

3. We’re committed to streamlining and standardizing the buying process, instead of focusing on savings alone.

What industries and businesses does Spendflo benefit the most?
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We’re the best fit for businesses with a growing SaaS stack (>$250k annually in SaaS spend). No surprises there!

How can we trust you with our strategic vendor relationships that we’ve built over time?
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You don’t have to. Building trust takes time. We’re happy to help with the bulk of non-strategic contracts which will still save you time and money.

Do you also double as a SaaS management platform?
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We believe in doing one thing—and doing it right. While we’re not a SaaS Management Platform, we are partnered with a couple and can help with the buying and onboarding process there too.

Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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