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Get actionable, real-time SaaS spend data

Track and analyze your SaaS spending information across your organization with Spend Analytics. View granular, real-time SaaS spend data to identify and maximize the ROI on your SaaS.
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More visibility, faster decisions, better savings

Retrieve accurate and real-time SaaS spend data with Spendflo’s seamless integration with your finance apps. Now, you can view the total spend for each SaaS application, understand your organisation's spending on each app, and identify the right areas to save costs.

Real-time Spend Analysis for Proactive Cost Savings

Analyze contracted spend versus actual spend in real time. Identify discrepancies or signs of overspending and take immediate, corrective action. This helps finance teams be more proactive with cost-saving measures, and know exactly where to focus.

Granular spend attribution, better savings

Attribute and track SaaS spending based on teams, users, apps, categories, and more. Gain more insights into how SaaS spend is allocated across the organization, unlock usage patterns, optimize SaaS spending, and identify potential areas of cost savings.
Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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