The VC winter might be over. But the emphasis on reducing burn and remaining profitable continues to burn. SaaS is now the third-highest cost center, just below payroll and office expenses for most organizations. 

So, it makes sense to focus on optimizing the way you buy and manage SaaS. What doesn’t make sense is having that process become a cost center of its own. 

The problem today is fragmented SaaS management—multiple teams or lone warriors—all facing invisible losses.

Contracts sit in pricey CLM tools or gather dust across emails and drives. Usage data is scattered or nonexistent. There are people undergoing training to even begin using these CLM and data tools, or not paying heed to any of these things. 

The result:

  • Lost contract clarity—pricey clauses and renewal terms go unnoticed.
  • Unactionable usage data—overpaying for licenses that aren’t being put to use. 
  • Missed renewal leverage—approval and renewal delays cost negotiation power.

You’re hemorrhaging cash without even knowing it. You’re overpaying and maybe even footing the bill for negligent typos in contracts. How can you turn this around?

Enter the endless loop of savings—Know. Optimize. Streamline. 

Spendflo recognized this loop of invisible losses thanks to analyzing SaaS spends of over $2.2 Billion and got to work. Contract clarity, actionable usage data, and better renewal leverage—here comes the endless loop of pure savings, powered by AI. 

Review 9x more SaaS contracts with SmartScan

Step 1: Upload your PDF contracts. Step 2: That’s it. 

SmartScan automatically extracts every line item and data from your contract and maps the price and product details across the platform to ensure absolute clarity on all clauses. Your contracts are automatically sorted into long-term and monthly tabs for easier access and analysis. Know your contracts, with SmartScan.

Auto-save on SaaS, with AI-powered license management

With all your SaaS contracts in order, you now need a way to constantly monitor and identify areas of overspending to take the right cost-cutting measures. That’s where Spendflo’s Dynamic License Management helps you: 

  1. Define when a license should be considered inactive, based on the last used date.
  2. Measure how many active licenses, inactive licenses, and unassigned licenses there are at a glance.
  3. Instantly downgrade or reclaim your app licenses based on real-time usage data and employee status.
  4. Get intelligent recommendations delivered to you based on feature-level usage to help optimize license utilization.

Finally, you have a way to act on your data and optimize your SaaS spends instantly.

To renew or not to renew—The answer is at the tip of your finger

You know what contracts you have, you’re optimizing what you’re paying for, and now, it’s time to streamline your decisions backed by data, ON THE GO. 

With Flo AI, Spendflo’s procurement co-pilot, you can procure, approve (or deny), renew, and view upcoming contracts right from Slack. You can ask for more details, and streamline your entire SaaS procurement process on the move. Say hello to:

  1. More accurate renewal and approval decisions thanks to real-time contract and usage data
  2. Better negotiation leverage thanks to faster renewal and approval decisions
  3. Easier infiltration of streamlined procurement processes thanks to Slack-first workflows

That’s just how efficient SaaS procurement should be. 

In today's dynamic SaaS landscape, the burden of fragmented management leads to invisible losses, unactionable data, and missed negotiation leverage. But ignoring those risks is definitely not an option in this economy.

Spendflo disrupts this norm, harnessing the power of AI to identify hidden savings opportunities. It helps you know your contract data, optimize your SaaS spend, and streamline the entire process to perfection. Excited to see this live? Let’s make it a date!

TL;DR: You have no excuses left to be overpaying for SaaS. Not when the savings are a couple of clicks away. 

Priyadharshini Venkatraman
Product Marketing Manager
Karthikeyan Manivannan
Visual Design Manager
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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
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