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RIP, SaaS Wastage.
Hello, real-time SaaS Insights.

Centralize and optimize your SaaS - spends, usage and user sentiment - and destroy SaaS wastage from the root with the Spendflo Management Hub, for free.

The SaaS wastage-free zone, courtesy Spendflo

Within a week of onboarding, we saw a 2x ROI with three urgent procurements. We have many more renewals and procurements coming up, I can already forecast our savings increasing multifold.
Jordan Velazquez,
Operations Manager, Synthesis
Spendflo helped us save 70% of our costs by negotiating with each SaaS vendor. They also assisted us in migrating our key technology vendors to more cost-effective competitors and reduced cost by 80% - great service, great guys!
Hoyin Cheung,
CEO, Remo
Spendflo consolidated our SaaS contracts and expenses into a single platform. They helped us get visibility into our procurement process while saving us a lot of time, money, and resources.
Ali Burchfield,
Controller, Crownpeak
Spendflo helped us save valuable time and money in negotiation, keeping track of expenses, and even waiving off charges in some cases. Partnering with Spendflo has also given us speed and negotiation leverage that would have otherwise been super tough to build in-house.
Naga Subramanya BB,
Associate Director of Finance, Airmeet
Spendflo proactively manages our SaaS contracts and reporting, making our lives so much easier. Compared to similar products we've used in the past, the customer experience with Spendflo has been nothing short of delightful.
We no longer have to worry about getting the best SaaS deals - it's all taken care of on auto-pilot!
Rick Schopp,
CFO, Wodify

Get the answer to “What tools are we using?”

Bring all your SaaS spend, users and usage data in one place. Uncover all SaaS data across your stack by connecting to multiple data sources.

Know how much of your budget is spent on SaaS and by whom

Optimize user licenses and spend on SaaS with real-time data. Eliminate shadow IT by foregoing unused licenses and making data-backed renewal decisions.

Take the perfect cost-cutting measures, effortlessly

Track expenses, usage data and user sentiment scores across your SaaS stack. Uncover complete context with actionable insights and realize maximum ROI on your SaaS investment.

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Monitor and track usage, spend nd adoption metrics. Uncover actionable insights and take data-backed decisions.


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Streamline SaaS expenses with a connected data source. Track individual and team expenses to save on your SaaS stack.


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Spendflo integrates with your preferred apps, simplifying SaaS buying for you and your teams.



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