Sure, BetterCloud has some helpful features, but is that enough to make up for its slower learning curve and higher pricing? 

From inconvenient DLP controls, poor reporting of automation failures, and sometimes finicky usability, many organizations find themselves in search of a better SaaS management alternative. Plus, BetterCloud can take weeks to fully configure everything - leaving even the most seasoned engineer feeling daunted by its seemingly infinite depths!

But fear not! 

There are other alternatives that can help your business maximize efficiency with the same great features. But better usability and much fairer pricing. So brace up, as we go on an exciting search into the thrilling realm of the 9 greatest BetterCloud competitors and alternatives. 

Why Look for a BetterCloud Alternative?

Did you know that 73% of businesses utilize at least one SaaS application, which is anticipated to rise by 80% as more businesses migrate to cloud-based solutions?

This means we need to keep doing better and better with our software selection because with every market uptrend will come a need for upgraded software too.

BetterCloud positions itself as a platform that allows businesses to increase their operational efficiency significantly. But is that truly what it looks like? 

With BetterCloud, you will face:

  • native integration problems
  • Understanding feature implementation might be time-consuming.
  • Workflows are difficult to edit with the workflow editor.
  • The software often lags or fails.

These disadvantages can be easily avoided by looking at and considering other software platforms which can serve your and company’s needs better. You cannot afford these shortcomings in the most crucial stage of your company, can you? 

The below alternative we will be diving into can allow users to consolidate SaaS administration, automate common procedures, and monitor for security issues.

The 9 Best BetterCloud Alternatives

BetterCloud falls short in several areas when assisting businesses in filling gaps and meeting their needs. Spendflo, amongst other similar systems, has positioned itself as BetterCloud alternative SaaS management solution.

We will be looking at the best alternatives along with their features and pricing and, in the process, pick the best one for you. 

Let's jump right in!

1. Spendflo

Best Alternative for Businesses wanting to 2X their ROI and Save Big on SaaS

Spendflo's automated capabilities and customizable workflows can help large organizations with various departments and teams with complex financial procedures.

Spendflo is a SaaS management platform that helps customers identify, optimize, and secure applications. Spendflo's data accuracy is the appropriate choice for companies with more than 500 employees. Yet, firms with fewer than 500 employees may also benefit from its advantages. Spendflo aids rapidly growing businesses in sourcing, managing, and saving up to 30% on SaaS expenses with guaranteed ROI. Spendflo delivers an all-inclusive strategy, allowing every SaaS buyer to submit and renew requests, access all tools, contracts, and security documents, and connect with vendors on renewals and new procurement.

It enables users to acquire, subscribe to, renew, and negotiate software spending by leveraging benchmark data and organizational insights.

Spendflo provides a wide range of solutions for streamlining and simplifying SaaS management. Its discovery function helps users choose the finest applications for their business needs. It also aids in purchasing and contract administration by automating approvals and workflows and providing insight and visualization. Its Slack Bot keeps teams informed of developments, and its Vendor Trust enables clients to trust the vendors they purchase. 

Finally, it allows users to track usage and access its Sentiment Hub for even more detailed insights about the user experience. Spendflo is one of the top SaaS management tools today, offering a comprehensive set of options for scaling SaaS performance.

Tabby achieves 4x ROI with Spendflo and standardizes SaaS contracts ft. Poomesh Mathew

A. Product discovery is made simple

Spendflo is a simple interface that helps users quickly identify the best solution for their business needs. Spendflo assigns each vendor a "trust score" as part of its product discovery process. Customer reviews, product ratings, active users, and other characteristics contribute to this score. This score helps people choose the best vendor for their needs.

B. Contract management

Managing contracts and vendor relationships are becoming increasingly important as Spendflo enterprises depend more on SaaS solutions. Spendflo provides a centralized contract administration solution that simplifies contract management, such as renewals and cancellations.

C. Approval workflows

Spendflo has an approval workflow method to ensure that software is properly approved. Firms can easily create approval workflows as a result of this. Users can also create specific user roles, with access provided based on their organizational function. This simplifies the approval procedure while maintaining control over software acquisitions.

D. Sentiment hub

Sentiment Hub is a powerful tool that allows users to assess how clients feel about their software rapidly. It aids in measuring customer feedback and public sentiment on software, giving Spendflo customers an advantage when evaluating the performance of their vendors. Users can use this tool to identify areas for improvement and make smarter purchasing decisions quickly.

E. Assisted purchasing

Spendflo helps in Assisted Purchasing Software by providing an intuitive platform that simplifies the process from start to finish. Spendflo enables users to compare shopping, budgeting, and approval processes. The platform tracks software purchases through real-time alerts and provides access to accurate data for faster decision-making.  Furthermore, Spendflo streamlines the purchasing process by eliminating manual data entry and automates request, review, and approval processes.

Spendflo’s Pricing & Package Features

● Fast-track vendor and security compliance

● Manage SaaS contracts in one place

● Track employee SaaS usage

● Understand employee sentiment

● Streamline SaaS approvals

● Track renewals and shift to mindful procurement

Package Services

● Streamlined approvals via Slack/Teams

● A dedicated customer success manager


Up to 30% of your SaaS expenses

Price: $2,500/m (Billed Annually)

Explore Spendflo at Length!

Rating - 4.7 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️(70 Reviews on G2)

Checkout Customer Case Studies on how Spendflo is helping companies  save thousands on their SaaS Procurement

  1. Learn how Drip Capital achieves 4X ROI & saves 100+ hours in Procurement
  2. How Airmeet achieved 3X faster procurement and SaaS spending optimization.

2. Zylo

Best Alternative for companies to discover, manage & optimize SaaS subscriptions

Zylo is a platform for enterprise SaaS acquisition and risk management. It combines innovative technology and benchmarks to maximize the return on saas investments. Companies may discover and monitor more applications, boost staff productivity, and maintain compliance by discovering and monitoring more apps, improving procurement efficiency, gaining data-driven insights to decrease redundant solutions, and ensuring compliance. Zylo is another BetterCloud competitor and alternative.


a. Investment planning

Actionables are suggested to optimize the portfolio based on priority. Monitors saas spend and consumption across the environment in order to improve efficiency and user satisfaction.

B. Purchase and license administration

Allow procurement teams to make data-driven decisions by providing centralized saas insight.

c. Asset administration

Constantly scans for underused software and shadow IT, removing superfluous licenses.


The price is determined on the features you select. You can visit the pricing page and request a customized quote for more information.

Pricing for Zylo is not available without contacting their sales staff. But if you want to learn more about the Zylo price, we've got you covered.

The annual platform cost is between $35,000 and $40,000. Unless your firm has at least 500 employees, Zylo pricing is unlikely to generate a positive Return. Zylo pricing will rise as your employee base grows.

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3. Tropic

Best alternative for businesses of all sizes to purchase software and manage contracts

Tropic is a one-stop shop for purchasing and managing SaaS items. It is a centralized system that helps customers make wise purchasing decisions and automatically accepts purchase requests through dynamic and automatic workflows. Users can track utility and savings potential with software spend control. The contract management feature organizes existing and potential contacts automatically. It's a platform for SaaS procurement.

Explore more on Tropic vs Spendflo here


a. Simplifying searches

Learn about the most recent market intelligence on new goods, compare hundreds of products with benchmarks, and compare SaaS platforms with Our guide.

b. Management of finances

Manages the difficult process of software purchase and renewal, notifies users when it is time to renew software, and continuously monitors for security concerns.

C. Management of vendors

Offers deep insight into customer requirements and purchase details, as well as ongoing updates throughout the purchasing process.


Tropic's pricing is dependent on annual software spend. The annual software budget is between $250k to $1M. 

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4. Zluri

Best for IT departments for visibility, control, and automation

Zluri provides a unified console for enterprise IT professionals to manage, discover, verify compliance, and optimize SaaS solutions. Users obtain comprehensive visibility into their SaaS environment, can eliminate apps with comparable functionality, manage licenses, and automate onboarding and offboarding operations. Zluri can be viewed as either a BetterCloud substitute or a competitor to BetterCloud.


a. Employee application store

Manage what information employees see, assign roles in the approval process, and allow users to propose additional apps. Aids employees in making educated decisions gives real-time updates on all processes and automates specific workflows.

B. Automation of employee processes

Employee onboarding and offboarding procedures are automated, and valuable ideas for new employees are provided with high accuracy.

C. Discovering apps

Allows employees to obtain granular information about the app environment, removes unapproved apps, gives deep insights into SaaS consumption, and eliminates duplicate applications.


Zluri has three pricing tiers: Growth, Scale, and Enterprise. The final cost is determined by the plan chosen and the features necessary. The final price can be determined after contacting their sales team. 

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5. Cledara

Best alternative for businesses that rely on subscription-based services, such as software firms, marketing agencies, and other service-based businesses.

Cledara is a SaaS management software that assists businesses in managing and streamlining their purchasing, administration and canceling operations on a single platform. Supervisors may see all SaaS subscriptions to enhance operational operations and verify regulatory compliance.


a. Management of subscriptions

Cledara enables businesses to keep track of all their subscriptions, including SaaS products, cloud services, and other recurring expenses, in one spot.

B. Keeping track of expenses

Cledara automatically categorizes expenses based on their kind, making it easy for businesses to monitor how much they pay on various software subscriptions.

C. Budget administration

Cledara enables businesses to set budgets for various types of software subscriptions and gives alerts when they are approaching their limit.


Cledara's price approach is customizable and depends on the number of subscribers managed on the platform.

  • Free: Up to two subscriptions, spending tracking, and basic analytics are included.
  • Pro: €10/month for up to ten subscriptions; contains all of the free plan's features and budget management, team management, and sophisticated reporting.
  • Team: €25/month for up to 25 memberships, including all of the Pro plan's features, vendor management, automated processes, and priority support.

6. Okta Workforce Identity

Best alternative for enterprises that want security posture, simplify user administration, and assure regulatory compliance.

Okta Workforce Identity is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application that provides enterprises with secure identity management and access control. It is intended to assist enterprises in managing employee access to cloud-based and on-premise apps while also offering security measures to prevent unwanted access.


a. SSO
Workers may sign in once to access all their approved applications, eliminating the need for multiple passwords and enhancing productivity.

B. Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
Okta Workforce Identity offers multi-factor authentication (MFA), which needs extra authentication factors further than a username and password, such as a fingerprint or SMS code, to further increase security.

C. Adaptive access policies
Access policies that adapt to each employee's behavior, device, location, and other contextual factors: Okta Workforce Identity allows the administrator to set access policies that adapt to each employee's behavior, device, location, and other contextual factors, making sure that only authorized users can access sensitive data.


Okta Workforce Identity cost is based on the number of users and functionality necessary. They provide a variety of pricing plans to satisfy the needs of businesses of various sizes, including

1. Free Okta:

This plan is intended for small businesses or teams of up to five people. It comes with basic SSO capability and only a few connectors.

2. Single Sign-On with Okta:

This package is available for as little as $2 per user per month and offers basic SSO capability, user administration, and limited support.

3. Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication by Okta:

This package, which starts at $3 per user per month and includes sophisticated MFA capabilities, risk-based access controls, and additional security features, is available for a monthly fee of $3.

4. Advanced Lifecycle Management by Okta:

This package, which starts at $4 per user per month, provides extensive user lifecycle management tools like user provisioning, de-provisioning, and syncing.

7. JumpCloud

Best alternative for banking, healthcare, ed-tech, and government-serving businesses

JumpCloud is a cloud-based directory service that offers enterprises safe, scalable, and centralized user and device management. It is a SaaS platform that provides a cloud-based alternative to on-premise directory infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory.


a. Directory assistance

JumpCloud offers a single directory service for managing user identities, authentication, and authorisation across a variety of platforms and apps, including Windows, Mac, Linux, AWS, G Suite, Office 365, and others.

B. SSO (Single Sign-On)

Users may access all of their applications through JumpCloud using a single set of credentials, reducing the need to remember several passwords. JumpCloud supports SSO for over 100 cloud applications, like Salesforce, Dropbox, Slack, and others.

C. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

To provide an extra degree of protection to user authentication, JumpCloud offers numerous MFA mechanisms, including TOTP, SMS, and Push notifications.


JumpCloud charges a monthly subscription fee per user, with savings available for annual contracts and volume buys. According to the characteristics and functionality required, the cost is separated into three plans:

1. Free plan: Basic directory services, multi-factor authentication, and up to ten users are included in the free package.

2. Pro Plan: The Pro plan contains all of the free plan's features as well as extra device management capabilities, LDAP integration, and primary needs. The Pro plan costs $5 per month per user, with volume special discounts for bigger organizations.

3. Enterprise plan: All of the features of the Pro plan are included in the Enterprise plan, as well as improved security and compliance capabilities, SSO for unlimited applications, and a special account manager. Pricing for the Enterprise plan is tailored to the organization's particular requirements and needs.

8. Spendesk

Best alternative for businesses wanting to track spends across departments

Spendesk is a cloud-based expenditure management software that streamlines and automates firms' cost and purchasing processes. It is a SaaS application that allows businesses to manage their spending in real time, giving them greater insight and management over their financial operations.


a. Expenditure control

Spendesk provides an easy-to-use interface for workers to submit expenses and receipts, which management can authorize and reimburse in real-time. This aids in the elimination of manual processes, the reduction of errors, and the improvement of compliance with company spending regulations.

B. Purchasing administration

Managers can use Spendesk to create virtual or physical cards for employees to use while purchasing, with customized controls for spending limits, categories, and suppliers. This aids in the prevention of overspending, the reduction of fraud, and the simplification of the reconciliation process.

C. Budget monitoring

Spendesk gives managers real-time visibility into spending activity, allowing them to analyze expenses versus budgets and rapidly discover overspending or abnormalities. This helps to optimize spending and make more informed resource allocation decisions.


Spendesk charges a monthly subscription fee per user, with additional fees for virtual or physical cards and overseas transactions. According to the characteristics and functionality required, the cost is separated into three plans:

1. Team plan: Designed for small organizations, the Team Plan provides basic cost management capabilities, virtual cards, and financial connection. The Team plan starts at $9 per month per user.

2. Company plan: The Company plan is intended for mid-sized enterprises and contains all of the Team plan's features as well as enhanced spending management capabilities, printed cards, and dedicated support. The Business plan begins at $18 per month per user.

3. Custom plan: The Custom plan is intended for larger enterprises and contains all of the features of the Corporate plan, as well as customized pricing, better integrations, and a dedicated account manager. The pricing for the Bespoke plan is tailored to the organization's exact needs and objectives.

9. Volopay

Best alternative for money-driven & payment-centric businesses


Volopay's services can be beneficial for organizations with a high volume of international transactions because they provide multi-currency support and can assist firms in managing their foreign exchange risks.

Volopay is expenditure management software for small and medium-sized enterprises that is hosted in the cloud. It is a software-as-a-service tool that assists businesses in streamlining their financial processes by offering an extensive platform for managing corporate cards, costs, and vendor payments.


1. Corporate card administration

Volopay gives virtual and real cards to employees, enabling them to make purchases and control their costs. Managers can configure limits and controls for each card and receive notifications for each transaction.

2.Expenditure control

Employees may effortlessly upload receipts and categorize expenses with Volopay, which are then immediately reconciled and linked with accounting software. This aids in the elimination of manual data entry, the reduction of errors, and the improvement of compliance with company spending regulations.

3. Payments to vendors

Volopay is a centralized platform for managing vendor payments that enables administrators to approve and schedule payments, set up regular payments, and track payment status. This simplifies the payment procedure and lowers the chance of errors or fraud.


Volopay charges a monthly subscription fee per user, with additional fees for virtual or physical cards and foreign transactions. Based on the features and functionality required, the cost is separated into two plans:

1. Basic Plan: Designed for small enterprises, the Standard Plan contains basic cost management capabilities, virtual cards, and accounting connectivity. The Standard plan is $5 per month per user.

2. Premium Plan: The Premium plan is geared for mid-sized enterprises and contains all of the Standard plan's features as well as sophisticated cost management capabilities, physical cards, vendor payments, and dedicated support. The Premium plan begins at $9 per month per user.

Software Features Best For
  1. ROI Guaranteed
  2. Spendflo Platform
  3. Spendflo Slack/Teams App
  4. Data-Backed Negotiations
  5. Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  6. Contract & Renewal Management
Spendflo's automated capabilities and customizable workflows can help large organizations with various departments and teams with complex financial procedures.
  1. SaaS Discovery
  2. Spend Management
  3. Contract Management
  4. User Management
  5. Compliance and Security
Best for companies discover, manage, and optimize their SaaS subscriptions
  1. Simplifying searches:
  2. Management of finances
  3. Management of vendors
Tropic is used by businesses of all sizes to purchase software, manage contracts, and ensure savings.
  1. Employee application store
  2. Automation of employee processes
  3. Discovering Apps
Best for IT departments to manage SaaS applications by enabling visibility, control, and automation.
  1. Management of subscriptions
  2. Keeping track of expenses
  3. Budget administration
It is ideal for organizations that rely primarily on subscription-based services, such as software firms, marketing agencies, and other service-based businesses.
Okta Workforce Identity
  1. Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  2. Adaptive access policies
  3. SSO
It is appropriate for any enterprise that wishes to enhance its security posture, simplify user administration, and assure regulatory compliance.
  1. Directory Assistance
  2. SSO (Single Sign-On)
  3. MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
JumpCloud is ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries, including technology, banking, healthcare, education, and government.
  1. Expenditure Control
  2. Purchasing Administration
  3. Budget Monitoring
It is useful for businesses that must track spending across numerous departments, teams, or projects.
  1. Corporate card administration
  2. Expenditure Control
  3. Payments to Vendors
Volopay's services can be beneficial for organizations with a high volume of international transactions because they provide multi-currency support and can assist firms in managing their foreign exchange risks.

Winding Up!

Numerous SaaS management systems are available for enterprises of all sizes, but choosing the best BetterCloud alternative can be challenging. From automated clearance workflows to sentiment analysis, the right solution may provide businesses with the knowledge they need to improve their operations and minimize costs, which could be a game-changer. So why hold back? 

Investing in a software solution that suits your team's needs can help you save time and money while offering valuable insights into usage patterns and trends.

Spendflo offers a sophisticated cloud-based platform for SaaS spending control, including budgeting and procurement, user sentiment analysis, and automated approval procedures. Our platform is designed to provide enterprises the information they need to make better software usage decisions while saving costs and increasing productivity. Schedule a Demo and manage your organization with Spendflo, the finest BetterCloud alternative on the market, to learn more or start a trial today.

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