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ZoomInfo Pricing: How much does ZoomInfo cost you?

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ZoomInfo is a B2B (business-to-business) contact and company information database and lead generation platform. It provides businesses with a vast repository of data about companies, their employees, and their contact information, making it a valuable resource for sales, marketing, and business development teams. ZoomInfo offers access to detailed profiles and insights on millions of professionals and organizations.

Pricing Overview
Fuel sales and marketing efforts with ZoomInfo: access accurate B2B contact and company data, identify target prospects, and personalize outreach to drive lead generation, pipeline growth, and revenue generation efficiently.
For Sales Teams
Custom Pricing
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For People Teams
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For Marketing Teams
Custom Pricing
Contract Based
Marketing OS
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ZoomInfo cost?

The cost of ZoomInfo varies depending on factors such as the selected plan, features, and the number of users or contacts included in the subscription. ZoomInfo offers different pricing tiers, with pricing typically starting at a base rate per user per month.

How much is ZoomInfo per month?

The monthly cost of ZoomInfo depends on the chosen plan and features. ZoomInfo offers various pricing tiers to accommodate different business needs, with pricing typically starting at a base rate per user per month.

How does ZoomInfo get their data?

ZoomInfo gathers data from various public and proprietary sources, including company websites, public filings, news articles, social media platforms, and its own network of contributors. The data is then aggregated, validated, and updated through machine learning algorithms and human verification processes to ensure accuracy and reliability.

How long is the ZoomInfo free trial?

The duration of the ZoomInfo free trial may vary based on promotional offers or specific agreements. Typically, ZoomInfo offers a limited-time free trial period during which users can explore the platform's features and capabilities.

How to cancel ZoomInfo subscription?

To cancel a ZoomInfo subscription, users typically need to log in to their ZoomInfo account, navigate to the account settings or subscription section, and follow the instructions for cancellation.

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