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Spendflo was able to upgrade Sand Tech into a niche plan in Zoom, saving close $4.5M in simply a day since the renewal request was raised.

“Spendflo has been really helpful in getting all our spend in one place, getting negotiations done beforehand especially for big contracts and giving us very good cost savings”

Blazio Ginio Tafireyi
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The challenge

Sand Technologies, recently faced a significant challenge in procuring a critical SaaS tool. Especially with the MnA of Explore AI, the requirement of Zoom webinar licences presented a complex scenario for the customer. 

As an educational tool, Zoom Webinar was integral to their operations, necessitating 575 licences to meet their combined needs. Without optimization, the companies were on track to incur nearly $6M in expenses under their existing plan. Additionally, Sand Technologies was limited by their basic Business plan, which only allowed for four webinar 1000 licences, restricting their flexibility in conducting multiple webinars simultaneously.

The Solution

The key was to leverage Spendflo's insights to identify a plan that would cater to the expanded requirements without escalating costs. Here’s how Spendflo executed this strategy:

Plan Upgrade and Negotiation: Spendflo identified the "Enterprise plus" plan on Zoom, a niche plan that provided enhanced features and scalability for the customer. By upgrading Sand Technologies from the “Business” plan to "Enterprise plus" plan, Spendflo negotiated terms that drastically reduced the contract value from an expected $6M to $175k, achieving over $4M in savings.

Free Webinar Licences: One of the standout achievements was securing 575 free Zoom Webinar licences. By utilising Spendflo's data-driven insights and negotiation prowess, we secured a deal that met the customer’s requirements without the corresponding high costs.

Flexibility: Previously, Sand Technologies was restricted to four webinar 1000 licences, limiting their operational flexibility. Spendflo negotiated to provide webinar 1000 licences to everyone for free, eliminating this limitation and enabling Sand Technologies to conduct more than four webinars simultaneously. This eradicated the operational bottleneck and enhanced their capacity to engage with their audience.

The Results

By leveraging insights, negotiating effectively, and securing advantageous terms, Spendflo was able to upgrade Sand Tech into a niche plan in Zoom, saving close $4.5M in simply a day since the renewal request was raised. With Spendflo’s timely intervention and expertise, Sand Technologies transformed a potentially costly situation into a highly efficient and cost-effective solution. 

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