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September 20, 2022

How Spendflo's vendor trust helps you accelerate security reviews

Let's face it. No one walks in to work excited to complete vendor security reviews. However, it is a crucial part of SaaS buying.

The continuous back and forth between your vendor and internal stakeholders makes the entire process tedious.

In most modern businesses, completing vendor security reviews is often a juggling act. 

Your teams have to struggle between involving all the relevant stakeholders, understanding what data the vendor application collects, sending necessary questionnaires to vendors, flagging concerns, and evaluating their certifications and responses while also managing their everyday responsibilities. 

Your SaaS tools may be comprehensive, but reviewing them doesn't have to be.

Introducing: Spendflo’s vendor trust platform

With the vendor trust platform, your teams can collaborate more efficiently and complete vendor security reviews within minutes instead of months. 

By bringing all the stakeholders under a single platform, you can enable seamless collaboration, avoid the unnecessary back and forth and speed up your review process. 

With the Spendflo vendor trust platform, you can : 

Avoid infinite email threads

Say goodbye to unnecessary back and forth between your stakeholders and your vendor. Avoid numerous email threads by collaborating under a single platform.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Bring all collaborators, including the sales agent and stakeholders from all your departments across IT, legal, infosec, and finance, to request and review essential security documents from the vendor.

Exchange and review documents

Don’t miss out on necessary compliance documents such as SOC2 based on questionnaires adapted from the SIG (Standard Information Gathering) questionnaire for third-party risk assessment.

Flag and resolve security concerns

Flag and escalate unsatisfactory responses to internal stakeholders and get faster resolutions through the vendor trust platform. 

Track progress and stay updated

Never miss any update on security reviews and get notified upon every new issue flagged and questions answered. Track progress at each stage of the review process. 

With Spendflo’s vendor trust, you can ensure that every new SaaS vendor meets your security standards. Collaborate more efficiently, have a centralized view into your audit log, and easily complete security reviews. Sign up for Spendflo and start with your vendor reviews today.

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