G2, the peer-to-peer review site, released its summer 2023 report and we’re delighted to be named a leader in SaaS spend management category. The icing on the cake is earning the “Best meets requirements” mid-market badge twice in a row — a badge given only to one amongst 60+ platforms in the category.

The G2 summer 2023 report names us:

  • Leader - SaaS spend management category: Spendflo was rated highly by G2 users and has substantial satisfaction. It also validates our market presence.
  • Leader SaaS spend management mid-market: We received high ratings and satisfaction in the mid-market category as well.
  • Best meets requirement mid-market: We received the highest rating in the usability index for SaaS spend management category. 

We’ve significantly risen up in ranks in G2 indices for results, relationship, usability and implementation. 

G2’s recent algorithm changes give more weightage to recent reviews and we’re glad that users continue to love us! We have an average user rating of 4.7 out of 5 from 71 unbiased reviews.

Here’s what Spendflo users have to say:

Clean UI and analytics 

From getting timely renewal reminders to gauging employee sentiment regarding tools, Spendflo comes with powerful features that ease your SaaS buying experience. 

It houses all your SaaS information, eliminating the need to scramble through multiple email threads to get contract details. What’s more, Spendflo’s analytics feature help you take better SaaS buying, renewal and management decisions.

Trustworthy partner to off-load SaaS buying

SaaS buying is complex. Finding the right tool amidst the sea of options is daunting. Moreover, figuring out the right price needs in-depth research which in turn eats into your business hours. 

Offloading this process to experts in the field not only saves you time but also accelerates your SaaS buying process. 

Spendflo’s robust integrations not only pool in data directly from your finance stack but also measure SaaS usage and improve collaboration between vendors and stakeholders. Concierge onboarding allows  you to start using Spendflo from the get-go. 

Reduce software costs and maintain efficiency

SaaS line items can be unnecessarily inflated if you don’t know how to navigate complex SaaS pricing models. These costs impact your bottom line because software is now among the top 3 spends in most businesses.

Spendflo can help your business save on SaaS too. Get a free savings analysis to see how much you can save. 

Nivas Ravichandran
Head of marketing, Spendflo
Karthikeyan Manivannan

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