With cost-cutting being the top priority for modern fast growing companies, it’s imperative for CFOs to look at all the ways in which they can reduce their expenses. But where do you even begin?

To truly avoid overspending on their SaaS, you need visibility. Visibility on:

  • What apps are being used by your organization
  • What’s the usage of these apps
  • Which teams use which apps the most

And the list could go on. You need this data to know which vendors to negotiate with, which tools to discontinue, and which ones are crucial for your team. 

Spendflo now integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta to make SaaS management easy, secure, and game-changing. 

Get valuable insights into your tech usage with MS Azure and Okta integration

Spendflo integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta to give you holistic views into your organization's tech usage. Here’s how:

Say yes to MS, no to a mess

With Spendflo's Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration, you can gain complete visibility on tech usage in your organization in the shortest possible time. You can easily identify which apps are being used the most and by which teams. 

This empowers you to make informed decisions about your tech spend, identify areas to optimize, and maximize your return on investment.

Spendflo integrates with Microsoft Azure AD

Single view, spOktacular results

Integrating with Okta provides a holistic view of the apps being used in your organization, their usage, rate of adoption, and so much more. This level of visibility empowers you to stay on top of your tech spend and identify better ways to optimize.

Spendflo integrates with Okta

You can easily identify underutilized apps and areas where your organization can cut costs.

This, combined with Spendflo’s benchmark data and expert buying team, empower finance teams to not only bring down your SaaS expenses by almost 30% but also put SaaS buying on autopilot.

But, with so many apps being used in your organization, there are multiple possibilities where your security can be compromised—that can be a true nightmare. Except, we have the perfect solution for that too. 

Simplified login, amplified security—SSO with MS Azure, Okta, and all major providers

Endless, weak passwords, multiple logins, and wasted time—This process is now extinct thanks to Spendflo’s simplified login experience. Now, your team no longer has to waste time remembering multiple passwords or logging in to different apps. 

Spendflo provides SSO for all major providers, including Okta and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, so your teams can skip the login page and easily access Spendflo and other apps they need with single sign-on (SSO).

Higher ROI, better productivity, increased security, improved bottom line, and much more value for your time—all crafted to perfection by Spendflo. 

Impressed? Curious? Book a free demo and see Spendflo in action today! It’s a 30-min call for 30% savings in your SaaS spend. Now that’s ROI, pure and simple. 

Priyadharshini Venkatraman
Product Marketing
Karthikeyan Manivannan
Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
$2 Million
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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
$2 Million
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