Major enhancements:

Better license management

Dynamic License Management allows you to effortlessly reclaim or downgrade licenses to address usage disparities. You can easily notify the app owner/IT admin by clicking 'Notify,' with the app owner's name automatically populated. Additional email IDs can be added as needed.

Automatic status updates

When discovered products have uploaded contracts, the 'Products' tab displays their status as 'Managed' automatically.

Pre-approver and Approver lists

You can now view the Pre-approver and Approver lists along with your approval status below the respective workflow stage. This includes the names of the approvers/pre-approvers and specifies whether the status is Approved, Pending, or Rejected.

Minor enhancements: 

Additions to the Downgrade family 

The Dynamic License Management module now supports downgrading for Salesforce, Freshdesk, and Zendesk.

Let that Sync in

A ‘Sync’ option has been added to all direct integrations to sync users on demand.

AI for transactions

Flo AI now offers the option to Confirm or Discard all similar transactions once you confirm one.

Bug fixes: 

The Spendflo platform has eliminated user duplication once and for all. 

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Priyadharshini Venkatraman
Product Marketing Manager
Karthikeyan Manivannan
Visual Design Manager

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