Major Enhancements

Dynamic License Management Enhancements

Spendflo’s Dynamic License Management (DLM) brings an automated approach to provide real-time insights, efficient cost optimization, and streamline your license management. You can now effortlessly reclaim or downgrade underutilized licenses for Trello, ClickUp, and Tableau with Dynamic License Management. No more paying for unused licenses!

Read more about our integrations here.

Unified View of Similar Products

Make better-informed decisions by easily comparing the products from similar categories with the unified view of similar products on the Spendflo platform. This helps you to identify and rightsize your SaaS stack by comparing identical products side-by-side. 

Streamline Spend Management with Sage Intacct Integration

Optimize your spend management, as well as SaaS Inventory effortlessly, by monitoring actual expenses as compared to planned/contracted expenses. Learn more.

Newly Added Reports For Better Insights

Spendflo now provides the following report categories:

  • Report by Team: Here, you can gain more insights on SaaS spend, product usage, and active or inactive users at a team level, ensuring maximum optimization.
  • Report by Category: This report provides insights on the total spend and product count vs. the product category so you can identify your most expensive product category and optimize accordingly. 
  • Similar Products: Utilize this report to gain insights on how many similar products can be consolidated from your SaaS stack to eliminate SaaS wastage.

Get started

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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
$2 Million
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