Where’s all that SaaS budget is going? Why is it so expensive? It’s up for renewal already? Wait, what were you thinking about again? 

Ah yes, your SaaS contracts—Upcoming, old, new, and everything that disappears in between. With Spendflo’s upgraded contract management and reporting suite, you have more answers than questions for a refreshing change. Questioning the claims? Let’s get them answered. 

All your contracts in one tab

Spendflo brings together all your contracts, monthly and long-term, onto a single dashboard. Apply filters, track start and end dates, know what each contract is costing you, and what its status is in one glance. It’s also easier than ever to collaborate and add followers to your contracts. 

Edit and cancel contracts sans the roundabout process

Make edits to your offline contracts, or even cancel them without waiting around for your CSMs. Take immediate action and leave the rest to your dedicated pod at Spendflo. Your contracts are now always up-to-date before and after the deal is closed. 

No more exhausting SaaS request intake procedures

Need a new app for your design team? Tired of your old CRM and found the perfect replacement? Add the request and get the ball rolling instantly. Spendflo gives you real-time status updates, helps you add pre-approval checks, and carries forward the negotiation for you with an expert touch. 

Stay on top of your renewals

Manage your upcoming contract renewals and upgrades with custom notifications. Set the time and frequency of alerts and plan your contracts ahead of time. 

View all your SaaS buying reports in one place

View the total spend for each SaaS application, analyse contracted spend versus actual spend, and identify discrepancies or signs of overspending. Attribute and track SaaS usage based on teams, users, apps, categories, and more to identify potential areas of cost savings.

Priyadharshini Venkatraman
Product Marketing
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Karthikeyan Manivannan
Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
$2 Million
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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
$2 Million
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