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August 3, 2023

Spendflo + Slack: Where Work Happens, Faster

The new and improved integration between Slack and Spendflo is designed to turbocharge your SaaS buying process. With Spendflo, you can complete all your procurement and approval workflows without leaving Slack. Say goodbye to endless email back-and-forth – Spendflo and Slack’s integration provides the superpower to finish SaaS buying and renewals in minutes, not days or months.

10x your SaaS buying and approval Process
Seeking approvals often becomes an email nightmare with multiple stakeholders. That’s why we decided to put an end to workflow interruptions. Collaborate directly with approvers using the Spendflo Slack bot to secure approvals in minutes, not months.

Stay on top of contract renewals and eliminate hassles
Managing hundreds of SaaS tools can be daunting, especially with multiple renewal cycles, security reviews, and contract evaluations. But with our latest Slack integration, tracking every renewal is no longer a challenge. With Spendflo and Slack, you stay informed about all renewals and collaborate effortlessly with your teams.

Lose the delays but retain the context from discussions

No more starting from scratch before each buying or renewal cycle. Refer to your past conversations on Slack threads and get complete context and make well-informed decisions, driving efficiency and productivity.

Stay updated on your procurements
Get real-time procurement updates and seamlessly access Spendflo's negotiation expertise from your Slack channel.

Forecast and plan your budget (coming soon)
Prepare for price changes to map your budget accurately. Stay updated on price changes, vendor intelligence, and benchmark data from your Slack bot.

Why we chose to integrate Slack with Spendflo?

SaaS approvals are straightforward. However, it seldom happens the way it is supposed to. The current approval process in a fast-growing business involves numerous stakeholders managing procurement approvals for over 200 SaaS tools. Nightmarish e-mails with approvals getting lost in never-ending threads are all too common. That’s why, with the Spendflo and Slack integration, you can:

  • Collaborate seamlessly on any new approvals and contracts
  • Stay updated on upgrades or downgrades to your contract terms. 
  • Get notified on pending approvals. 
  • Accelerate your everyday workflows without ever leaving Slack.

Say hello to smarter SaaS procurement today. Embrace the power of Spendflo and Slack to accelerate your buying and approvals.

you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

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With Spendflo, you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

Talk to Our Team Now
Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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