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How Spend Analytics unlocks maximum savings on your SaaS

Your SaaS needs aren’t going down anytime soon, and the bills are hard enough to keep track of—it might seem unimaginable to think about accessing all the associated data that can help you reduce your SaaS spending and identify areas to save. What’s that costing you? Overspending on your SaaS by 30% every year.

So Spendflo imagined the unimaginable, and of course, went a step further. 

Spend Analytics enables you to track and analyze your organization’s SaaS usage information in real-time. By seamlessly integrating with your finance apps like NetSuite and Quickbooks, Spendflo retrieves accurate and up-to-date SaaS spend data, providing you with the visibility you need to make informed decisions about your SaaS spending. Here’s how:

  1. More visibility, faster decisions, better savings

Spend Analytics aggregates and helps track SaaS spend data in a single dashboard, giving you more visibility into your SaaS spending. Now, you can easily view the total spend for each SaaS application and understand your organization's spending on each app. This visibility makes it easier to identify areas for cost savings and make informed decisions about which apps to renew or retire.

  1. Real-time Spend Analysis for Proactive Cost Savings

Spend Analytics helps you analyze contracted spend versus actual spend in real-time. This helps quickly identify discrepancies or signs of overspending so you can take immediate corrective action. By being more proactive with cost-saving measures, your finance team can stay ahead of the curve and know exactly where to focus their efforts.

  1. Granular spend attribution, better savings

With granular spend attribution, you can track SaaS spending based on teams, users, apps, categories, and more. This level of detail helps you gain more insights into how SaaS spend is allocated across the organization, unlock usage patterns, optimize SaaS spending, and identify potential areas of cost savings. 

Managing SaaS spend is critical to maximizing the ROI on your SaaS investments. Spend Analytics helps businesses gain the visibility and insights they need to make informed decisions about their SaaS spending, identify areas for cost savings, and optimize their SaaS usage. See Spend Analytics in action. Book a free demo.

you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

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With Spendflo, you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

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