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August 10, 2023

Simplify approvals with Spendflo: Unleash seamless workflows for unstoppable growth.

No one wakes up excited to approve SaaS purchase requests. In a modern hyper-growth business, juggling over 60 stakeholders buying and renewing 150 different SaaS tools, with multiple decision-makers month-on-month, can be overwhelming. With Spendflo’s seamless workflows, you can double your productivity while spending half as much time on SaaS procurements.

The way modern companies buy SaaS is broken, and the approval processes can be unnecessarily complicated, leading to endless headaches. That’s why we’re introducing the new and updated Spendflo approval workflows.

Procure multiple SaaS tools at once
SaaS Procurements are not always straightforward, especially when juggling an endless e-mail chain for each SaaS tool approval. Say goodbye to innumerable email chains and the back-and-forth hassle. Using Spendflo’s approval workflows, you can request multiple SaaS tools simultaneously and track each approval effortlessly.

Transparently track request status at every Stage
No more black-box approval processes. Stay on top of your requests throughout the procurement journey with complete transparency. Enjoy clarity and avoid needless headaches.

Collaborate with ease with your teams

Easily collaborate with your teams to fast-track discussions, approvals, and third-party risk assessments. Bring your teams together in one place for a comprehensive third-party risk assessment, faster approvals, and thorough decision-making for all things SaaS.

Set customizable pre-approval and approval groups
Escape the nightmare of delayed approvals and getting lost in a complex approval process. Set clear approval groups for SaaS requests. Created customized approval or pre-approval groups to match your organizational structure and business needs, making life easier for everyone involved.

Respond to queries right from Slack or e-mail

Respond to queries and approve tool requests directly from Slack while staying focused on your work. Not a big fan of Slack? You can also choose to respond to and approve requests from your e-mail.

Stay informed with contextual Information and activity logs
Access contextual information on all your requests and contract status through activity logs. Stay informed and make well-informed choices.

Keep your critical stakeholders in the loop
Ensure key stakeholders are always updated by adding them as followers to each request or contract. Stay in sync with your team throughout the entire SaaS buying journey.

Why we chose to build the new and improved approval workflows?

Let’s face it. Life is too short to procure one SaaS tool at a time. Especially when you’re a fast-growing business renewing hundreds of SaaS tools month on month. Modern teams often resort to ineffective e-mail chains because there’s no approval process transparency. Every Stakeholder involved in the approval process continues to stay in the dark due to the lack of visibility in approvals. The worst part? No one knows what happened to every procurement request raised, as there’s no one place where it is tracked.

With new and improved approval workflows in Spendflo, you and your teams can now:

  • Transparently track procurement request status at every stage
  • Collaborate with ease between your teams
  • Set customizable pre-approval and approval groups
  • Stay informed with contextual Information and activity logs
  • Keep your critical stakeholders in the loop

Ready to streamline your SaaS approvals? Try Spendflo now and unlock a world of simplified workflows so you can focus on what truly matters—your business's success. Get started and experience the difference.

you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

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With Spendflo, you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

Talk to Our Team Now
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