In the realm of SaaS procurement and management, three key stakeholders each have distinct metrics to measure and optimize:

Introducing the Savings Dashboard - Everything a CFO needs in a Single feed

With the savings dashboard, your finance org can track all the critical metrics that impact your SaaS financial health. 

Stay on top of the following critical indicators of your SaaS finance.

  • Never lose sight of your SaaS expenses

Get a complete understanding of your overall SaaS expenses and stay on top of all critical metrics, including overall spending and savings realized on your SaaS stack.

  • Keep track of your contracted Spend

Track and monitor the Spend managed on the platform through Spendflo and ensure all expenses are accounted for.

  • Budget and forecast expenses better by tracking Savings 

Stay updated on all the savings realized through negotiations on your SaaS contracts to make better budgeting and forecasting decisions.

  • Monitor Top 5 contracted Spends

Keep track of your most expensive SaaS contracts at all times to ensure there is no expense leakage.

  • Save on SaaS by tracking Spend distribution  

Understand SaaS expenses across your teams and categories of tools to cut down on SaaS wastage.

  • Optimize usage on your top 5 products 

Track usage on the top five products that your teams use the most to ensure your stack is streamlined.

Introducing the SaaS Management dashboard - Shine the spotlight on your Shadow IT

Spendflo SaaS management Dashboard helps you stay on top of your product expense, usage, license and other critical metrics that inform decisions to stay optimized across your SaaS stack.

  • Understand Spend Distribution to optimize expense

Understand your SaaS expenses across different departments, Identify where your teams are overpaying and save on excess spending.

  • Optimize usage on your top 5 products

Track usage on the top five products your teams use the most to ensure your stack is streamlined.

  • Optimize Underutilized licenses

Know how effectively your teams are engaged with the tools that are a part of your SaaS stack, identify underutilized tools and optimize license usage and expenses.

  • Identify anomalous Spends 

Get transparency on SaaS ownership and expense anomalies. Act on them proactively to minimize SaaS expenses and maximize ROI.

Introducing the SaaS Procurement Dashboard - Seamless procurements streamlined by data

Spendflo SaaS procurement Dashboard helps your procurement teams stay on top of all integral procurement metrics to ensure a smooth SaaS buying journey and more productivity without delays for your teams.

  • Get central visibility into your procurements

Stay on top of the organization's upcoming and fulfilled requests, active contracts and upcoming renewals to ensure no delays with Procurement Summary.

  • Streamline procurements by tracking request completion

Understand how many requests are successfully fulfilled against all the requests that your teams have submitted. A higher completion ratio signifies that your procurement process is streamlined.

  • Avoid procurement delays with Request Aging

Monitor and track the time it takes for your requests to be negotiated, approved and completed for the organization over a period of time. Identify bottlenecks and streamline your process to avoid procurement delays.

  • Never lose sight of Upcoming Renewals

Track and monitor all the contracts coming up for renewals as a list or a yearly calendar. Never miss an upcoming renewal.

  • Track requests across every stage of approval

Stay on top of requests that are submitted, in-negotiation and approved across your organization over the last six months.

Try the new executive dashboards to get comprehensive visibility and data-backed decision-making capabilities to optimize SaaS usage, reduce expenses, and improve procurement efficiency.

Ajay Ramamoorthy
Product Marketer
Rohitth Padmanabhan
Product Designer

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