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April 14, 2023

Put the ‘control’ back in contracts—Explore Spendflo’s updated contract management suite

Spendflo’s contract management suite just got some new features to help you organize, renew, and spend minimal time and resources on your contracts. Find out how.

Though contract management is something your procurement team needs to deal with every single day, it remains the most frustrating part of the job because of how unintuitive the process is. 

  • There’s a constant struggle to access and manage contracts efficiently
  • There are no standard processes for contract review, approval, and signing
  • Poor visibility and control leads to overspending on your SaaS stack, and there’s no way to find out where or how you can cut costs

Spendflo helps transform your contract management process in 3 simple and effective ways.

Add, view, and collaborate on your contracts 

Bring all your contracts together, add filters, and gain visibility on monthly as well as long term contracts from a single dashboard. Now, you can add collaborators, track your start and end dates, cost, know the status of contracts and everything else you need without having to search for it. 

Edit your contracts without the roundabout process

No more waiting for CSMs or time-consuming procedures to take action on your contracts. Spendflo now enables you to edit your existing contracts or even cancel them, hassle-free. 

Your dedicated pod at Spendflo will always ensure that your contracts are up to date once the deal is closed.

Get notified of upcoming renewals and upgrades

Spendflo helps you manage your upcoming renewals and contract upgrades with customizable notifications. Choose the time and frequency of notifications, follow contracts, and plan your contracts ahead of time. Get assistance from expert negotiators to get the best deals.

Add the cure back to procurement with Spendflo’s efficient contract management suite. Book a free demo and know just how much time and resources Spendflo can save for you.

you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

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With Spendflo, you can save as much as 30% on SaaS spends

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