Let’s face it. Being the CFO when your organization is growing multi-fold with an M&A isn’t easy. Imagine every unresolved IT security concern, derailed budget forecasts, unused licenses, bloat and overages on SaaS spends compounding multi-fold in a span of mere weeks.

However, consolidating SaaS visibility and getting savings on your SaaS stack need not be as complicated as one would imagine.

Here are five steps that companies need to undertake while merging their SaaS stacks after an acquisition: 

  1. Get visibility on your SaaS: Consolidate your portfolio across all offices and  get visibility on all your SaaS tools.

  2. Optimize your unused licenses: Identify unused SaaS tools and optimize your license count.

  3. Consolidate Co-term contracts: Aggregate all your contracts across multiple organizations and consolidate them as co-term contracts with higher usage volume.

  4. Benchmark driven negotiation: Negotiate for better pricing on your SaaS contracts based on higher usage volume and SaaS pricing benchmarks.

  5. Track your cumulative usage: Mergers & Acquisitions usually bring a lot of changes to an organization’s structure and user-base. Companies need to calculate the cumulative usage of all the stacks being merged to effectively take data-driven renewal decisions.

Here comes the but…

The M&A process is time-consuming in itself, and here’s where companies end up losing valuable time and resources:

  • Lack of pricing benchmarks. 
  • Scattered contracts across innumerable mail threads.
  • No visibility on duplicate software 
  • Unused licenses and overages. 

Companies waste 1000+ hours and $1 Million per year on average during the process.  

Say ‘Hello!’ to Spendflo!

Spendflo’s SaaS buying and management solution helps fast-growing companies gain visibility and save on their growing SaaS stack. Our customized dashboard offers you all the information and insights you need to consolidate and optimize your stack.

But that’s not all. We bring another crucial ingredient to the recipe - Expertise.

Our Expert Buyers speak SaaS

Our team of Expert Buyers specializes in SaaS tools and Mergers & Acquisitions. They use the insights derived from our platform to accelerate the consolidation process. Something that normally takes 2-4 years with a lot of resources being allocated can be cut short to 6-10 months.

Cumulatively, our buyers have spent over 10,000 hours bringing in their expertise across buying SaaS tools, SaaS operations, Mergers & Acquisitions and negotiations to optimize the merged SaaS stacks and deliver on the desired outcome. 

Industry leading benchmarks

Spendflo continues to manage over $500 Million in SaaS spends and has negotiated contracts valued over $2.5 Billion. Our benchmark data helps us get you the best possible price for each tool in your SaaS stack.

An intuitive platform

Get Centralized visibility

With Spendflo, all your SaaS procurements - across offices and geographies, are consolidated under the same roof and presented in a single view. 

Never lose track of your SaaS stack

Not only can you gain visibility into your entire SaaS sprawl, you can also group them together based on location with our tags feature to learn about SaaS ownership across offices and geographies, making consolidation easier.

Learn how other teams can benefit with tags here.

Eliminate Shadow IT 

Our usage tracking feature helps teams gain granular insights such as active licenses and active users from a single source of truth, enabling the identification of duplicate SaaS apps, redundant licenses, and unwanted subscriptions.

Stay on top of your renewals

Our platform notifies teams about renewal dates 90-120 days in advance, which allows teams to reassess requirements and negotiate better pricing. 

Enabling your SaaS savings is our expertise

Our platform, combined with our expert buyers, have delivered tangible results. Here’s what we did for Crownpeak:

Crownpeak is a digital experience platform that enables businesses to design, launch and optimize omnichannel digital experiences faster.

Having been around since 2001, Crownpeak has grown to multiple locations across the years, also acquiring companies along the way. As the company grew beyond boundaries, so did their SaaS stack and spending. 

With Spendflo stepping in, they were able to gain visibility into their SaaS stack, eliminate Shadow IT, and save on expenses and time. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • $500,000 saved in SaaS expenses
  • 80+ hours saved in procurement time

In conclusion

Saving on SaaS doesn’t have to be broken provided you have the right partner. Learn how Spendflo can do the heavy lifting, enabling leaders and teams to focus on growth and efficiency.

Siddharth Sridharan
Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
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