For example, a new marketing employee would want to quickly identify all the tools in the marketing SaaS stack. Your administrator would appreciate knowing all the tools that have upcoming renewals in the next few months or the ones that need to be discontinued. 

What are Tags?

Tags help you, and your teams quickly make decisions with contextual grouping. Tag your SaaS appropriately and make life a little easier for you and your teams.

Humans are bad at searching through endless options. However, we're very good at identifying groups and categories. Tagging helps you and your teams give structure to your SaaS sprawl.

Let's face it; it sucks to scroll through endlessly to find what we need. It is especially challenging when searching for a handful of SaaS tools on a never-ending list. That's why grouping helps, especially when you need to sort through thousands of options on your list to find precisely what you need. 

Most of your teams would only interact with a handful of all your SaaS tools. 

That's why tagging helps. By grouping your tools with appropriate Tags, your teams can get twice as much work done in half as much time.

Problem: Your SaaS sprawl is not organized and grows more complex as you scale. 

With more businesses adopting SaaS for mainstream operations, the modern SaaS stack ranges between two hundred to thousands of SaaS applications. It only gets bigger as your teams grow and scale. 

When your SaaS list is unorganized, your teams operate in chaos.

This disarray of SaaS information leads to needless time spent searching for the tools they want. 

This slump in productivity causes delayed decisions and losing the opportunity to fuel business growth.


Contextually grouping SaaS tools is an easy way to maximize productivity around SaaS usage. For example, grouping all purchased devices into appropriate business expenses would help your finance teams calculate SaaS costs. Tagging SaaS tools' individual and team ownership would help IT admins onboard and off-board employees. Finally, it can help your team leaders stay on top of their teams' current SaaS stack.

With Tags, your teams can easily skip through the endless scrolling or hunting for a needle in the haystack.  

Help your teams improve their SaaS usage and unlock productivity with Tags using Spendflo. 

For finance teams - Track your  High COGS expenses and allocate costs appropriately.

Finance reporting is a thankless job; even a minor oversight leads to months of rework for you and your teams to find and correct the erroneous reporting. With Tags, you can categorize your high COGS SaaS tools into appropriate expense groups and stop losing sleep over SaaS expense reporting.

For department heads - Never lose sight of your team's current SaaS stack.

Your team's SaaS stack is an infinite-headed hydra, where it starts with a handful, and suddenly, you're drowning in an endless list of SaaS tools. According to Spendflo's research, SaaS expense is the third highest expense in the books of a modern CFO. So come budgeting time, you need to know which tools to cull or renew for the quarter. 

Let's face it. As the head of a department, you are already juggling numerous priorities around managing and fueling growth. But, unfortunately, keeping track of your teams' SaaS often ends at the bottom of your priority list.

With Tags, you can instantly filter through thousands of SaaS tools in your business and identify the team and individual ownership with a button click.

For IT admins - Keep track of SaaS across different locations.

Managing SaaS sprawl for a business with a single office location is exhausting enough. However, when you add numerous offices across different locations to the equation, the problem multiplies.

No one walks into their office excited to learn about SaaS ownership across different locations of your business. With Tags, you can now group all your SaaS tools based on geographic location and quickly find the tools you need.

For Infosec - Stay on top of SaaS applications that hold critical data.

Assign Tags to identify the applications that hold vital information. For example, an organization may have applications that integrate with other systems or access sensitive data. Using Tags to determine such applications can help you stay on top of vendors' data security and ensure that they comply with your required security standards. 

For everyone - combine Tags with the power of the unified Spendflo platform. 

Your teams can now be more productive with the Spendflo platform by using Tags efficiently. For example, you can identify tools that show positive sentiment hub scores and tag them for renewals. Your admins can flag tools that hold critical data for thorough vendor trust reviews. Finally, your team leaders can cancel subscriptions on tools their team members are no longer using.

Organize your SaaS the smart way with Tags
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