CROs and IT admins work in utter chaos, trying to find and plug the leaks that threaten their budgets and revenue goals. SaaS remains one of the chief contributors to this problem, for several reasons:

1. There is no streamlined way to optimize the usage of a company’s SaaS stack. On average, 49.96% of all software installed went unused by employees in 2023. 

2. Mid-sized companies have an annual attrition rate of 12-15%. But there is no proper way to reclaim or revoke all those licenses on time.

3. Companies are missing the opportunity to save close to $10 million with effective license management.  

Complete optimization, yours at last

With Spendflo Dynamic License Management (DLM), IT and RevOps teams can stop spending hours each week manually de-provisioning SaaS licenses and maintaining complex scripts. DLM automates license harvesting, reclamation, and downgrades using real-time data from Spendflo. 

  • Get real-time usage data from your favorite SaaS apps

Spendflo’s direct integrations with popular SaaS apps across categories bring you accurate and real-time usage data from each of them. 

  • Define (in)activity

Define when a license should be considered inactive based on the number of days. Spendflo’s HRMS integrations also alert you when an employee leaves the organization. 

  • View every license in your organization

Get comprehensive information about active and inactive licenses, cost-saving opportunities, and more. 

  • Reclaim or downgrade with just a click

With the in-depth license breakdown for each integrated product, you can reclaim or downgrade inactive or unassigned licenses to optimize your SaaS spends.

  • Get intelligent recommendations

Spendflo provides actionable recommendations based on feature-level usage to help optimize license utilization and save on SaaS spending as well.

Where does the license usage data come from?

  • Direct integrations: Spendflo seamlessly integrates with a range of popular SaaS apps to get real-time, accurate activity and license usage data.
  • SSO (indirect source): Spendflo integrates with SSO apps like Okta, JumpCloud, MS Azure AD, GWS, and more to get the last login dates of licensed users. 
  • HRMS integrations: Spendflo integrates with HRMS such as BambooHR to coordinate employee attrition data in real time.

Spendflo's Dynamic License Management (DLM) simplifies SaaS license management. With DLM, your organization can automate the complex task of managing SaaS licenses, saving valuable time and resources. By gaining real-time usage data from your favorite SaaS apps, defining inactivity criteria, and easily reclaiming or downgrading licenses, you can unlock significant cost-saving opportunities. 

With direct integrations, SSO support, and HRMS coordination, Spendflo ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date data to make informed decisions, putting flexibility and control back in your hands. Say goodbye to IT overheads and revenue misalignment, and embrace a more efficient and cost-effective future with Spendflo DLM.

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Priyadharshini Venkatraman
Product Marketing Manager
Karthikeyan Manivannan
Manager - Visual Design
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Here's what the average Spendflo user saves annually:
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