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HevoData Pricing: How much does HevoData cost you?

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Hevo (formerly known as Hevo Data) is a cloud-based data integration platform that specializes in simplifying the process of collecting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from various sources into a data warehouse or other destination. Hevo is designed to help businesses of all sizes connect and transfer data from multiple applications, databases, and platforms to make data-driven decisions.

Pricing Overview
Simplify data integration and analytics with HevoData: extract, transform, and load data from various sources to enable actionable insights and informed decision-making.
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5m events
For Scaling teams
20m events
For Enterprises
Custom Pricing
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Business Critical
Free Trial
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Data Integration
Frequently Asked Questions

What is HevoData and what does it do?

HevoData is a cloud-based data integration platform that provides services for collecting, transforming, and loading data from various sources into data warehouses or analytics platforms for analysis, reporting, and business intelligence purposes. It enables organizations to streamline data integration processes and derive insights from disparate data sources.

How does HevoData handle data integration?

HevoData handles data integration by offering a no-code, point-and-click interface for configuring data pipelines, scheduling data ingestion, mapping source data to destination schemas, transforming data on-the-fly, and monitoring pipeline performance and data quality in real-time. It supports batch and real-time data replication and offers pre-built connectors for popular data sources and destinations.

What sources and destinations does HevoData support?

HevoData supports a wide range of data sources and destinations, including databases (SQL, NoSQL), cloud applications (Salesforce, HubSpot), files (CSV, JSON), APIs, event streams (Kafka, Kinesis), and data warehouses (Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake), allowing organizations to integrate data from various systems and platforms seamlessly.

What are the key features of HevoData?

HevoData offers features such as data pipeline automation, real-time data ingestion, schema evolution, data transformation, error handling, monitoring and alerts, role-based access control, encryption, and compliance with data privacy regulations, enabling organizations to streamline data integration workflows and ensure data accuracy, consistency, and security.

What pricing plans does HevoData offer?

HevoData offers various pricing plans based on factors such as the volume of data processed, frequency of data ingestion, number of data sources, and additional services required. Pricing details and feature comparisons are available on HevoData's website.

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