The sooner these procurement requests are addressed, the smoother business operations will be able to run.  In fact, when it comes to renewals, proactive decisions need to be taken at least 120 days prior to the renewal date in order to right-size it and get the best deal. 

But in reality, we see huge backlogs of SaaS purchase requests stuck in multiple email threads. 

This is when real-time SaaS request notifications within your virtual workspace become a game-changer. 

That’s why, at Spendflo, we’ve integrated with Slack to reduce the friction of SaaS approval and fast-track them.

Fast-track your approvals

Real-time notifications in the Spendflo Slack bot allow you to go through an overview of the request and accept or deny it - all within Slack! 

  • Let’s say, Dave, a marketing head in your organization needs to buy Hubspot in order to have a marketing automation setup. He requests for Hubspot within the Spendflo app.

  • His approver, Joanne will receive a notification on the Spendflo Slack app - with details about the request. She can make the decision to either approve or deny the request from Slack. Joanne can also choose to be redirected to the whole contract in the Spendflo through Slack, all with a single click.  

  • Once Joanne takes action, Dave gets a notification on Slack that his Hubspot purchase request has been approved or denied. 

Never miss contract deadlines

Never miss a renewal deadline with the Spendflo + Slack integration. 

Whenever a SaaS software is up for renewal, the admin gets notified on their Spendflo Slack bot which will guide them to Spendflo to take further action. 

Get timely reminders to proactively negotiate renewals

As we always say, proactively negotiating your contracts 90-120 days before your contract ends is essential. It gives you the time to figure out your future requirements vis-a-vis the particular tool and negotiate for the appropriate terms and price. If financially/operationally the tool is no longer a fit, which can happen when a company grows, it gives you sufficient time to evaluate an alternative. 

If you are someone who has your SaaS tools on auto-renewals, do read our blog on why it isn’t the best practice to follow when it comes to renewals. 

With the Spendflo Bot, the requester is notified approximately 2 or 3 months prior to the end of the contract. 

If the requester doesn’t submit the renewal request, then the department head or the admin will get a notification approximately a month prior to the end of the contract.

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