Spendflo sentiment Hub allows you to run periodic surveys and understand your team’s user sentiments. Plan negotiations for tools with greater preference and criticality scores. 

What is user sentiment data?

Humans are emotional. Despite our best rationality, our decision-making is biased toward our likes and dislikes. Much is the same in the case of business software. 

Software buying of yore was simpler, where the executives in business suits decided the one clunky system that everyone in the team would use. However, with the advent of SaaS and more businesses trying to grow faster, making the best decisions on the SaaS stack improves productivity and amplifies business growth.

A modern business has more than 200 SaaS tools with more than 20 tools that need to be renewed monthly. We know that deciding your SaaS stack based on gut is not a good way to make decisions. 

Sentiment surveys are periodic questionnaires sent to your employees to understand what they like and dislike about the software they use. Understanding user sentiment is key to building a SaaS stack that your employees genuinely love and want to use daily.


Problem #1: Your employee sentiment data is disconnected from your SaaS database, making budgeting and renewal planning difficult.

Renewals and budgeting are challenging conversations, and it always helps to have as much information as possible. In addition, your IT teams need contextual information around your team's user sentiments so they can steer the conversation with each vendor accordingly. 

When your sentiment data is disconnected, your teams operate in the dark. They need contextual data when it is most helpful.

With relevant SaaS information, such as license information for a given tool, your IT teams will know how to interpret any standalone survey information. However, they need more context on the user base of a software and how many people from the team answered the surveys. This asynchronicity of information leads to back and forth on data collection. Not only does your team now spend more time switching between tools to get relevant data, but it also becomes less productive.

This slump in productivity causes delayed decisions and losing the opportunity to save on upcoming renewals.

Problem #2: Standalone systems lead to redundant data and poorly timed surveys.

Your sentiment survey system is operating in a silo from the rest of your SaaS data. As a result, your teams now lack context to send timely surveys based on upcoming renewals. Instead, surveys become a mind-numbing chore that gets sent without allowing your team to act on collected insights.

Disparate systems would mean your teams spend more time tracking sentiment surveys separately from the rest of your SaaS data. Effective sentiment surveys are about consistency and appropriate timing. Your IT admins need to know your teams opinion on software before an upcoming renewal. At the same time, the same data could be redundant after you have negotiated a multi-year contract for a specific tool. 

Separate systems result in poorly timed surveys, which may make the data unreliable and the insights not actionable.


Your teams need contextual data to make the best decisions around SaaS buying. For example, they need to be able to compare the current number of licenses in use, estimate cost and then understand user sentiment. Finally, they can make an informed decision on renewals and negotiations. Spendflo Sentiment Hub helps you unlock key user sentiment behind the tools they use. 

Spendflo helps your department heads teams segment software in four different categories.

These four grids will help you make the best decisions on renewals:

Tools that needs to be replaced

Tools placed in the replace/retrain grid are the ones your employees believe to be critical to their daily responsibilities but don’t like using.

Tip: You can either replace the software with a different tool that solves the same problem or retrain employees on how to use it.

Tools that are a must-have

The tools placed in the renew grid are the ones your employees like using and are considered critical to performing their daily responsibilities. 

Tip: These tools are most preferred for your teams, and you can optimize costs by opting for multi-year contracts.

Tools that can be negotiated

The tools placed in the negotiate grid are the ones your employees like using but are not considered critical to performing their daily responsibilities.

Tip: Opt for a strategy to negotiate costs and optimize your SaaS spending.

Tools that need to be phased out

The tools under the retire category are the ones with the least preferred scores, and it is not critical to performing their daily responsibilities. 

Tip: You can safely choose to eliminate them. 

Sentiment Hub is a part of a holistic SaaS buying solution

With Spendflo, you get contextual information such as your team's user sentiments. Gain context on current SaaS expenses, licenses, and usage data to make the most informed decision on SaaS renewals

You have contextual data and the option to act on it using Spendflo. Turn mere sentiment surveys into a treasure trove of information that informs your next steps in budget forecasting and SaaS negotiations.

Spendflo Sentiment Hub is the metaphorical equivalent of having your cake and eating it. 

Negotiate with data specific to your team’s user sentiments 

Run surveys to identify the tools your teams genuinely like. Then, based on team-specific sentiment data, make the best decisions around SaaS buying.

Spend on tools that your teams love, save on the rest

Plan your SaaS budget based on the tools that have high likeability ratings. Then, save on expenses by phasing out devices that receive lower ratings.

Fuel productivity with your team's favorite SaaS stack

Use employee software sentiment data to build a SaaS stack that works best for your employees. Fuel productivity with your team's favorite SaaS stack.

Leverage the power of a unified SaaS buying solution

Spendflo Sentiment Hub seamlessly works with the rest of the unified platform. As a result, maximize your SaaS ROI by leveraging the unified platform to act on uncovered insights.

Conclusion : With Spendflo Sentiment Hub, your teams can gain contextual data and understand requirements better. As a result, plan efficiently and take the lead on negotiations with full context – All in one place.

Ajay Ramamoorthy
Karthikeyan Manivannan
Lead Graphic Designer
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