OneTrust is a comprehensive platform designed to help businesses manage data privacy, security, and compliance with various regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. This guide provides an overview of OneTrust’s pricing structure, key features, and tips for maximizing value

OneTrust Pricing

OneTrust's pricing varies based on an organization's needs. The Privacy Essentials Suite costs around $3,680/month for data mapping, third-party risk, incident management, and privacy impact assessments. Consent & Preference Essentials starts at $827/month for a single domain, typically $1,100/month for cookie consent, user consent records, and privacy policy generation. CCPA compliance is $1,125/month, while GDPR compliance is $2,275/month, with features like privacy rights automation, cookie consent, and third-party risk management.

Organizations can expect to pay anywhere from $10,000 - $20,000 depending on the plans selected.

How to Get a Better Deal on OneTrust

Annual Payments:

Opting for annual payments instead of monthly can secure lower rates. OneTrust typically offers discounts for businesses that commit to annual subscriptions, providing significant savings over time.

Volume Discounts: 

If you have a high volume of users or multiple domains, negotiating for volume discounts can lead to reduced per-unit costs.

OneTrust Alternatives

If you find OneTrust's pricing to be too steep for your budget, consider these alternatives:

1. DataGrail

DataGrail provides a comprehensive solution for privacy management and compliance.

Key Features:
  • Data discovery
  • Consent management
  • Privacy rights management

2. Osano

Osano focuses on data privacy and compliance, assisting businesses in maintaining transparency about data usage.

Key Features:
  • Consent management
  • Vendor risk management
  • Data privacy compliance

3. empowers enterprises with tools needed to manage and protect user data.

Key Features:
  • Data governance
  • Privacy management
  • Security automation

How Spendflo Can Help You Get Better Deals on OneTrust

At Spendflo, we specialize in helping companies optimize their SaaS spending and secure the best possible deals. Our team of expert negotiators will benchmark your usage against similar companies in your industry to identify potential areas for cost savings.

We'll then reach out to OneTruston your behalf, armed with market intelligence and a deep understanding of their pricing model. Our goal is to secure the most favorable terms for your subscription, ensuring that you get the maximum value for your investment.

To learn more about how Spendflo can help you reduce your OneTrustcosts, click here for a free savings analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions about OneTrustPricing

How much does OneTrust cost?

  • OneTrust's pricing varies widely based on the number of users, modules, and specific features required. Custom pricing typically starts at $827 per month for the Consent & Preference Essentials and can go up to $2,275 per month for the GDPR Compliance module​​.

What are the pros of using OneTrust?

  • Comprehensive Tools: Offers a wide range of privacy management and compliance tools.
  • Scalability: Suitable for businesses of all sizes with scalable solutions.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides detailed reporting and insights into compliance performance.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with popular business tools and applications.

What are the cons of using OneTrust?

  • Cost: Custom pricing can be expensive, especially for smaller companies.
  • Complexity: Implementation and customization can be complex and time-consuming.
  • Learning Curve: Users may need training to fully utilize the platform.

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