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Notion Pricing: How much does Notion cost you?

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Notion is a versatile SaaS productivity tool that combines note-taking, document collaboration, and project management. Accessible through web browsers, it offers a flexible and collaborative workspace for individuals and teams. Users can create, organize, and share information in real-time, making it a popular choice for streamlined communication and task management.

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Organize and collaborate seamlessly with Notion: create documents, databases, and wikis, and customize workflows to suit your team's unique needs effortlessly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Notion cost?

Notion offers various pricing plans, including Free, Personal, Team, and Enterprise plans. The Personal plan starts at $4 per month (billed annually) or $5 per month (billed monthly), while the Team plan starts at $8 per member per month (billed annually) or $10 per member per month (billed monthly). Enterprise pricing is available upon request.

How long is the Notion free trial?

Notion typically offers a free version of its platform with limited features and capabilities. While there isn't a traditional free trial for premium plans, users can access the basic features for free indefinitely or upgrade to a paid plan to unlock additional functionality.

How to delete a Notion account?

To delete a Notion account, users can log in to their account, navigate to settings or account preferences, and find the option to delete or deactivate the account. Notion may require users to follow specific steps or contact support for assistance with account deletion.

How many free AI responses does Notion provide?

Notion's free plan includes limited AI capabilities, such as basic text formatting, organization, and automation features. Users can utilize these AI-driven functionalities within the constraints of the free plan's limitations. Additional AI responses and advanced features may be available with paid plans.

How many members does Notion's free plan support?

Notion's free plan typically supports a limited number of members or collaborators, allowing individuals or small teams to use the platform for basic productivity and collaboration purposes. The exact number of members supported may vary, and users can check Notion's website or documentation for specific details.

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