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Bench Accounting Pricing: How much does Bench Accounting cost you?

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Bench Accounting

Bench is a professional bookkeeping service provider that offers online bookkeeping solutions for small businesses and independent contractors. It provides access to a team of bookkeeping professionals who handle bookkeeping tasks and ensure financial accuracy and compliance.

Bench Accounting
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Bench's pricing is transparent and based on the specific needs of each business, with subscription plans designed to provide accurate and affordable bookkeeping services.
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Accounting & Bookkeeping
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bench Accounting?

Bench Accounting is an online bookkeeping service that caters to small businesses. It provides a dedicated team of in-house bookkeepers who manage your financials, ensuring they are accurate and up-to-date.

How much does Bench Accounting cost?

The pricing for Bench starts at $249.0 per month. Bench has 3 different plans: Core at $249.00 per month, Flex at $349.00 per month and Pro at $479.00 per month.

Who is Bench Accounting best suited for?

Bench is for small business owners who want to focus on their business, not their bookkeeping.

How does Bench protect my financial data?

Within the Bench app, they protect your data with 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. That’s the same level of encryption you’ll find with online banking and online shopping.

Can I change my Bench subscription plan?

Absolutely. Each Bench bundle has a different set of services that are customized to your business’ needs. It is normal for your business’ needs to change over time and when that happens, we’ll be here to support your move into the subscription that works for you.

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