State of SaaS Buying 2023

Bay Area Edition

SaaS is the universal mode of buying and using software today. The biggest downside to SaaS is its fundamental differentiator: The pricing model.

Through this survey of finance leaders across sectors, we seek to understand how SaaS is bought, used and optimized.

What to expect?

How organizations buy and use SaaS tools
How much orgs spend on SaaS tools
How is the procurement process structured
What leaders wish for the future of SaaS buying

Authored by

Siddharth Sridharan
Co-founder & CEO, Spendflo
Nivas Ravichandran
Head of Marketing, Spendflo

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What you’ll find in this report

SaaS spending & usage
No. of SaaS tools orgs use and how much they spend on it.
How the macro trends have affected the economy and its impact on hyper growth businesses.
SaaS procurement
Time to procure SaaS, stakeholders involved, review cadence and more.
The new metrics to track that make an impact on your business.
Future of SaaS buying
Areas of improvement and automation wishlist.
Why the current way of SaaS buying is broken and how it impacts your growth.
What CFOs want
Best SaaS buying and continuous optimization.
The future of SaaS procurements that is scalable and fuels your growth.

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