State of
SaaS Buying 2024
The State of SaaS Buying Report, 2024 features insights from finance and procurement leaders of high-growth tech companies. Based on results from a survey conducted by Spendflo, this report examines the latest trends in SaaS buying, management, usage, expenditure patterns, and the onset and use of AI in SaaS Procurement.
What’s in this
How organizations buy and use SaaS tools
How much organizations are spending on SaaS
How organizations are adopting AI in their SaaS procurement processes
Who should read this ebook?
CFOs looking to understand how they can optimize their SaaS Spending
Procurement Heads who want to streamline their procurement processes
Key stakeholders in organisations’ SaaS Procurement & Management Process
Why you should read this ebook?

Comprehensive Analysis of SaaS Trends in 2024

Unpack cutting-edge trends and spending behaviors in SaaS from top-performing tech companies.

AI Investment Roadmap

Understand the motivations behind increasing AI investments for strategic planning.

Insights from Leaders

Gather data-backed insights from leaders - ranging from how much they’re investing to the features they want, to where they’ve seen the biggest wins.

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Spendflo's SaaS buying and optimization platform helps you reduce your SaaS spend by ~ 30%. With Spendflo get visibility into your SaaS stack, vendors, and automate your SaaS procurement.
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