State of SaaS Buying
SaaS is the universal mode of buying and using software today. The biggest downside to SaaS is its fundamental differentiator: The pricing model. Through this survey of finance leaders across sectors, we seek to understand how SaaS is bought, used and optimized.
What’s in this
How organizations buy and use SaaS tools
How much orgs spend on SaaS tools
How is the procurement process structured
What leaders wish for the future of SaaS buying
Who should read this ebook?
CFOs looking to understand how they can optimize their SaaS Spending
Procurement Heads who want to streamline their procurement processes
Key stakeholders in organizations’ SaaS Procurement & Management Process
Why you should read this ebook?

Industry Insights

Understand the current state of SaaS adoption, usage patterns, and expenditure trends across organizations of varying sizes and industries.

Identify Challenges

Learn about the common challenges faced in SaaS procurement, such as opaque pricing, decentralized buying processes, and lack of visibility into expenses.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Stay informed about emerging trends and future projections in SaaS buying behavior, enabling proactive decision-making and adaptation to changing market dynamics.

About Spendflo
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