How to create SaaS workflows
that employees actually use
This ebook is a comprehensive guide for creating seamless SaaS procurement workflows for your organization. Overcome existing adoption challenges and drive efficiency. Discover actionable steps to implement a seamless procurement process with employee buy in
What’s in this
The challenges in existing procurement workflows
Actionable steps to implement a seamless procurement workflow
Discover Flo - the all-in-one procurement workflow management tool
Who should read this ebook?
CFOs who want improved visibility and insights into their procurement process
Procurement Heads who want to streamline their processes
Key stakeholders in organizations’ SaaS Procurement & Management Process
Why you should read this ebook?

Understand resistance to change

Discover the correlation between individual user behaviour, change management and process adoption failures

Actionable insights on creating a workflow that works

Discover strategies to gain employee buy-in to ensure a successful workflow implementation

Workflow Process simplified

Discover Flo, a tool that manages all your SaaS procurement processes directly within Slack

About Spendflo
Spendflo's SaaS buying and optimization platform helps you reduce your SaaS spend by ~ 30%. With Spendflo get visibility into your SaaS stack, vendors, and automate your SaaS procurement.
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