Purplle's Beauty eCommerce: Gaining Visibility and Reducing SaaS Costs

Purplle is one of India’s largest beauty eCommerce platforms and a unicorn startup. They serve over seven million active users every month, covering almost every zip code across India. Purplle sells products from over 1000 brands which also includes Purplle’s private labels.




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Purplle's needs

With Spendflo

Overpaying for SaaS tools
SaaS approvals happening over multiple email threads
Lack of Central SaaS repository
Realised savings with data-backed negotiations
Streamlined approval workflows - shorter and easier buying cycles.
Gained 360° view on SaaS spends


With the help of Spendflo, Purplle gained actionable insights on their SaaS stack - spends and usage. It led to significant savings on their SaaS spend. Purplle now also has a central repository for all things SaaS.

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