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Founded in 2017, Curebase is a clinical trial platform that offers end-to-end technology for life sciences companies and Contract Research Organizations(CROs). Curebase provides a seamless platform to enable easier data management and an advanced user experience for trial participants.

“Not only has Spendflo helped us gain visibility into our SaaS tools, they’ve also added immense value by bringing in Savings through consolidation and negotiation. They’ve partnered with us as if they’re a part of our company.”

Scott Garcia
CFO, Curebase

As a series B-funded company, Curebase faced three major challenges and saw the domino effect play out in full force, with one problem contributing to another. These three challenges were:

Lack of visibility into SaaS tools

There was no visibility into the tools being used within the organization. The finance and IT departments did not have a centralized repository of the tools being used and the departments that were using them, which posed another serious challenge, which was…

Duplicate tools

Lack of visibility contributes majorly to the duplication of tools within organizations, as was the case for Curebase. Different tools were purchased for the same function, ultimately increasing the expenses on the company’s ledger, which resulted in…


This is pretty self-explanatory, but it comes with a hidden layer - not only do companies such as Curebase end up paying extra in these situations, they also miss out on key negotiation tactics and levers that could give them a better price for a given tool.

The solution

Scott Garcia, the CFO of Curebase, started using Spendflo to structure the chaos that was their SaaS stack.

Centralizing visibility of the SaaS stack

The Spendflo buying team successfully identified and aggregated all active SaaS subscriptions within Curebase, seamlessly centralizing procurement processes through the Spendflo platform. Implementing strategic adjustments to pricing models for select tools, the team achieved remarkable results by recouping substantial excess payments, enhancing cost efficiency, and optimizing Curebase's stack.

Eliminating Shadow IT

Curebase was able to easily identify and eliminate duplicate tools across the organization with the Spendflo platform. This task would have been extremely time-consuming otherwise.


With the root of all problems being solved, Curebase gained complete visibility into its SaaS stack and was able to achieve 10x ROI, saving 150+ hours across 100+ tools.

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