SaaS tracking template

Always stay on top of your SaaS usage, expenses and licenses with this simple, practical and free Google Sheets template.

Monitor all your active subscriptions to SaaS tools.
Stay on top of annual and monthly billing cycles.
Track unused licenses and eliminate duplicates.

Modern hypergrowth companies subscribe to over 200+ SaaS tools. Unfortunately, there’s no single source of truth to keeping track of upcoming renewals, monitoring unused software licenses, and SaaS visibility within the organization.

With our SaaS tracking template you will...

Never miss a single renewal
Keep track of upcoming renewals and plan upcoming procurements based on your needs.
Have single source of truth
Centrally organize all SaaS related information in one place.
Eliminate Shadow IT
Monitor all licenses in use and eliminate the ones you do not need.
Gain visibility on SaaS expenses
Stay on top of your monthly and annual expense for all your active SaaS subscriptions.
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