SaaS finance approval checklist template

Stay on top of your SaaS procurement requirements with this simple Finance approval checklist template.

Keep track of preferred contract options.
Centralize all billing details.
Consolidate all payment information.

Modern hypergrowth companies subscribe to over 200+ SaaS tools. Unfortunately, there’s no clear process to keep track of procurement requirements from every department. This simple Finance approval checklist helps you get detail that your Finance org needs.

Benefits of Finance approval checklist

Keep track of preferred contract terms
Make sure everyone is aware of preferred terms in select vendor contracts eligible for special discounts.
Gain visibility on your approval process
Stay on top of your approval process and all stakeholders involved.
Single source of truth for SaaS billing information
Centrally organize all SaaS related billing information in one place.
Centralize all payment details
Consolidate your payment information.
Eliminate double payments
Avoid double billing and double payments to vendors.
Avoid billing misinformation
Make sure there’s no confusion on who is the signing authority, billing address, and payment information.
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