SaaS costs and gross margins: Which is CoGS and which is not

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GAAP does not clearly define the term Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS). In effect, COGS is not mandated by regulation. Yet, for every organization, as SaaS count grows — to the second biggest expense after headcount — categorizing them as COGS or not impacts gross margins significantly.

Authored by

Siddharth Sridharan
Co-founder & CEO, Spendflo
Nivas Ravichandran
Head of Marketing, Spendflo

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SaaS costs and gross margins: Which is CoGS and which is not
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What’s inside this ebook?

In this ebook, we draw from our experience buying, managing and securing SaaS applications for the world’s leading organizations, to offer you a clear framework for segregating SaaS expenses into COGS and non-COGS.

  • What is COGS?
  • Why bother with COGS?
  • What SaaS is COGS?
  • What SaaS is not COGS?
  • How to categorize SaaS expenses — the 4A’s model

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