There’s a reason we’re good at what we do:

We’ve been part of the SaaS-buying process for years.

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Long before we built Spendflo, our team members were involved in selling SaaS across industries—which gave us a first-hand experience of SaaS-buying process.

Over time, it struck us that:

SaaS was one of the top 5 spends in any tech-forward company

For mid-market, fast-growing organizations, SaaS spend was increasing at a rate of at least 25% Y-O-Y

Despite this, businesses were still using the same systems to purchase SaaS, even when their stacks had grown from 20 tools to 120 tools.

Procurement teams were overloaded. The surge of new SaaS tools had made price discovery harder. All of this meant businesses were wasting as much as 30% of their SaaS spends, and immense amounts of time.

We had to change the way SaaS was bought and renewed. This was a tremendous opportunity for us to get real, guaranteed results for businesses.

That’s why we built Spendflo.

We wanted to help our customers buy SaaS better, faster and easier.

Between the immense savings and hundreds of hours we save on procurement, our customers tell us we’re one of the best decisions they’ve made.

We’re a small but experienced team, determined to improve the SaaS buying experience.

Siddharth Sridharan

CEO & Co-Founder
Ex-Head of BizOps, Volta Charging

Ajay Vardhan

CTO & Co-Founder
Ex-Engineering Lead, Tone

Rajiv Ramanan

CRO & Co-Founder
Ex-Director of Startups & Tech Partnerships, Freshworks

Backed by leading investors

We’re a platform,
but it’s really about the people.

We’re our customers’ partners.
We’re not selling anything to them. We’re helping them negotiate, buy and renew the SaaS tools they need.
We care about diversity of experience.
Our team comes from varied SaaS and Sales backgrounds. We know where our customers are coming from because we’ve been there ourselves. We know the ins and outs of how SaaS is sold. And that makes us expert buyers.
We’re always looking for better, faster, simpler ways to do things.
“That’s how it’s always been” is never a good reason for us.
We take pride in being kind to each other, to our customers and to our vendors.
Negotiating and budgeting can be emotionally charged processes, and we want a comfortable experience for all stakeholders.
We’re team players.
We’re a close-knit organization. We celebrate each other’s successes and believe in having fun along the way!
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Save up to 30% on your SaaS stack. Or get your money back.

Spendflo helps fast-growing businessess procure, manage and save up to 30% on their SaaS spend with guaranteed ROI.

Founded in January 2021 by Siddharth Sridharan, Ajay Vardhan, and Rajiv Ramanan, Our mission is to empower modern finance leaders and reinvent the way businesses buy and manage SaaS.

Over the last six months, we at Spendflo have already managed millions in SaaS spends and saved 23% for our customers on average. Our customer footprint spans globally, including fast-growing companies like Airmeet, Crownpeak, LambdaTest, Urban Company, Wingify, and

Spendflo in the news

Founded by a Freshworks alum, sales commission platform Everstage gets $1.7M seed funding

And we’re always looking for like-minded people.

You’ll feel right at home with Spendflo if—
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You are able to empathize with our customers, our vendors and the rest of our team. Kindness is one of our core tenets.

You are driven and genuinely interested in the wins and challenges of this field.

You are a skilled communicator. You need to be able to connect with people, express yourself clearly, and get to the heart of what they want.

You are familiar with the SaaS industry.

Spendflo makes your entire SaaS buying cycle faster, cheaper and more efficient. And if we can’t? We’ll write you a cheque for the difference.

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